Trade, industry reject two weekly holidays

Karachi: Trade and industry has opposed the government decision to declare two days weekly holidays terming it disastrous to the national economy.

The Patron In-Chief Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), S M Muneer and Chairman, Ehteshamuddin, former Chairmen, Mian Zahid Hussain and Syed Johar Ali Qandhari along with Vice Chairmen, Hasham Abdur Razzak and Tariq Malik said in a joint statement that closure of two days in a week would give a big blow to the already ailing economy of the country and result in closure of many export-oriented industries, creating enormous unemployment.

They said that the present government has no vision to revive the economy as it never come out with an economic or industrial policy even in three and half years, never extended any rescue package to revive the economy but instead making anti-economy and anti-nation decisions.

They condemned the decision to include customs and ports in the decision as they too will remain closed two days a week. They said that business community will not accept any such anti-nation decisions by the government. They demanded of the government to reverse this ‘unwise and unjustified’ decision.

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