20 Govt Universities in KP on the Verge of Closure Due to Financial Crisis


The public sector universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) continue to face severe financial difficulties, with no end in sight.

According to a report, as many as 20 public sector universities are on the verge of closure due to the financial crunch. The report added that their losses and liabilities have exceeded Rs.7 billion.

According to the Higher Education Department (HED), 29 universities in the province were established without any prior planning, with four universities in Swat alone.

Furthermore, there have also been disputes over the distribution of resources among universities. The report also highlighted the lack of Vice Chancellors in various universities.

Since March 2023, twelve universities are without permanent VCs while 8 institutes are being run by the Pro-VCs. Additionally, 8 more VCs will complete their term later this year.

Moreover, the salaries of employees of several universities have also been halted. Administrative operations have been suspended at Women University Swabi, Lucky Marwat, Khushal Khan University, Karak, and Agriculture University DI Khan.

The HED report added that universities have introduced BS programmes after private B.A and M.A were abolished. Furthermore, universities have leased their properties below the market prices. The report highlights the failure of the institutes in utilizing their agricultural land.

Source: Pro Pakistani