Thieves Cut IG Islamabad’s Phone Lines

In a brazen act of theft, the official residence of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Nasir Ali Rizvi, was targeted early Sunday morning. Thieves made off with telephone cables worth millions of rupees, disrupting communication services in the area.

The incident occurred between 3 AM and 4 AM when the criminals struck outside the government residences where the IG resides. According to media reports, the thieves severed the telephone cables, leading to a complete shutdown of all telephone numbers in the vicinity.

This audacious theft highlights the increasing trend of street crimes in Islamabad. The federal capital has witnessed a surge in criminal activities, with over 10,500 cases registered in 2022. These crimes, which include armed robberies, thefts, and snatchings, have resulted in losses amounting to a staggering Rs 4 billion.

Authorities have noted a troubling link between the rise in street crimes and the presence of illegal Afghan migrants in the city. Investigations into stolen mobile
phones often reveal connections to Afghanistan, suggesting a broader network of criminal activity.

The escalation in street crimes is reflective of the broader socio-economic challenges facing Pakistan, including rising poverty, inflation, and unemployment. These issues have exacerbated the situation, leading to an increase in desperate measures by individuals facing economic hardships.

The Islamabad Police Department is currently investigating the theft of the telephone cables and is working to restore communication services in the affected area. Meanwhile, security measures around key government installations and residential areas are being reviewed to prevent such incidents in the future.

Source: Pro Pakistani