Textile exports surge 30.43 per cent in nine months

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ISLAMABAD –– Despite challenges of energy shortage, the textile exports surged by 30.43 per cent during the first nine months of the current fiscal year as against the same period of last year. Textile exports during July-March (2010-11) were recorded at US$9.880 billion as against the exports of US$7.575 billion during last year, according to Federal Bureau of Statistic (FBS) data.

All the textile groups witnessed increase in exports except tents, canvas and tarpaulin, exports of which fell by 38.91 during the period under review. The groups that contributed in enhancing over all textile exports included raw cotton, cotton yarn and cotton cloth, exports of which increased by 22.41 per cent, 37.21 per cent and 28.60 per cent respectively.

Exports of raw cotton were recorded at US$236.167 million against the exports of US$192.931 million late year whereas the exports of cotton yarn stood at US$1.509 billion against exports of US$1.100 and exports of cotton cloth were recorded at US$1.709 billion against the exports of US$1.329 billion.

Exports of cotton carded or combed increased from US$15.912 million last year to US$20.345 million, showing an increase of 27.86 per centwhereas exports of yarn other than cotton yarn increased from US$32.822 million to US$34.613 million, showing an increase of 5.46 per cent.

The exports of knitwear, bed wear and towels increased by 32.71 per cent, 22.28 per cent and 17.25 per cent respectively, the FBS figures revealed. Knitwear exports were recorded at US$1.726 billion this year against the exports of US$1.300 million last year while the exports of bed wear increased from US$1.273 billion last year to US$ 1.556 billion this year and exports of towels increase from US$495.048 million to US$580.448 million.

Exports of readymade garments during July-March (2010-11) stood at US$1.276 billion against the exports of US$926. 815 million last year, showing an increase of 37.75 per cent.Exports of art, silk and synthetic textile increase by 52.30 per cent by growing from US$291.225 million last year to US$443.533 million while the exports of made-up articles (excluding towels and bed wear) increased from US$391.091 million last year to US$508.768 million this year, showing an increase of 30.09 per cent.

The exports of other textile materials also witnessed increase of 39.42 per cent by increasing from US$177.751 million last year to US$247.826 million this year.

The textile exports during the month of March 2011 increased by 4.77 per cent and 44.02 per cent against February 2011 and March 2010, the figures revealed. Textile exports during March 2011 stood at US$1.249 billion as against the exports of US$1.192 billion in February 2011 and US$867.253 in March 2010.

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