Scientists develop profitable technologies for off-season vegetable growers

ISLAMABAD: The agricultural scientists engaged in Fruit and Vegetable Program at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) has developed profitable technologies for off-season vegetable growers to enhance their income.

A team of research scientists who extensively conducted experiments at farmers’ fields for production of cucumbers and tomatoes crop throughout the country in collaboration with provincial agricultural research institutions.

As a result of the demonstrations scientists came to the conclusion that off-season vegetable production is a highly profitable business and according to them a farmer can earn Rs.1,20,000/- net profit out of one acre piece of land, if the farmers follow the complete production package of technology.

The technology has been adopted by the farmers who were involved during experimental work but other farmers need to adopt.

The scientists focused their research for production of off-season vegetables and carried our diverse trials for successful production of these crops. During experimental work they introduced low cost tunnel structures to lower the production cost with the coordination of provincial cooperative units.

After successful demonstration of technologies at farm level, the experts formulated training of extension agents who then organized farmers’ meetings at village level to educate the vegetable growers. In this connection leaflets showing information for production of these off-seasons vegetable crops were prepared, published and distributed amongst farmers and other stakeholders.

The vegetable growers of the country can benefit from the technology developed by the NARC agricultural scientists after successful experiments at farmer’s fields. All farmers and other stakeholders can easily access this free information for increasing their income from NARC scientists engaged in research activities at Fruit and Vegetable Program or Technology Transfer Institute (TTI), NARC.

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