Rice Exports cross $2 billion mark

Lahore, June 27, 2012 (PPI-OT): On 17th June 2012 rice exports crossed the US$2 billion mark yet again for the fourth consecutive year despite all odds.

REAP thanks all its members for providing a befitting tangible reply to some self appointed unelected armchair leaders who predicted the opposite. REAP also thanks the Government for not interfering unnecessarily in our affairs and for allowing a free market environment in rice.

100% REAP members pay taxes and don’t get any subsidies while exporting rice. REAP opposes subsidies that waste state funds and promote corruptions. REAP also opposes manipulative artificial interventions that distort the free market. We humbly pursue earning of an honourable living for ourselves and foreign exchange for our motherland.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Given below in graphic form is the REAP driven decade of growth in rice exports from humble beginnings of US$ 387 million a year to now over US$ 2 billion. How many other sectors can show such an achievement?

In the current year we faced a debilitating energy crises compounded by a discouraging law and order situation. India entered the market with huge surplus stocks and a massive 20% devaluation of the Indian Rupee.

Vietnam and Myanmar posed stiff competitive challenges. SBP silently honored sanctions resulting in a drastic drop in Basmati exports to Iran. Our hard earned market share was given on a platter to the Indians. Even then our exporters unbelievably managed to retain a respectable share.

Following facts are the bedrock reasons for achieving over US$ 2 billion of rice exports:

1. QRC system was conceptualized and developed by REAP, as a unique Public Private Partnership, way ahead of its time. It has proven its worth time and again by providing unsurpassed tangible results. REAP acted as managers under supervision of TDAP as facilitators. QRC has remained a ubiquitous quality watchdog presence behind rice exports. Thus QRC has played a crucial role in our success story.

2. Extremely mature, unbiased and democratic management of Mandatory Membership of REAP, found only in similar bodies in highly developed countries such as Japan, ensured favorable governance conditions in the rice community where large exporters and small exporters are treated equally.

One member means one vote irrespective of size. Collection of resources and dissemination of information under one flag allowed our exporters to quickly understand challenges and successfully manage them on timely basis with fewer hassles and with tangible success to show.

REAP unconditionally assures TDAP, Ministry of Commerce and all government departments of close cooperation and collaboration under free market principles.

REAP appeals to the media and honorable journalists to ensure that trade related news and information come from actual stakeholders and not from brief case companies or associations untested by actual elections.

Some self appointed leaders pursue extremely myopic objectives based on personal whims without actual experience to verify their credentials in the rice trade. We, however, welcome constructive critique by genuine rice exporters who form the opposition with objective of improving the policies pursued by incumbent elected leaders. The doors for mutual discussion to improve rice export policies are always open for all rice exporters without any discrimination.

REAP’s Mandatory Membership and QRC managed by REAP under TDAP supervision are basic requirements to further our rice exports to unprecedented heights. Let us not undo our success by accepting advice of unelected quacks. Let actual performance rule.

We earnestly appeal to the government to please help us continue the good work without unnecessary distractions and please help us remain democratic and please help Pakistan remain a rice free market example for the world.

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