Provincial food dept, PASSCO procured 6.34m tonnes wheat

Agriculture and Livestock

ISLAMABAD: Provincial food departments and Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) procured about 6.34 million tonnes wheat so far for next fiscal year 2011-12.

A Food and Agriculture Ministry official said Wednesday wheat procurement target was set at 6.57 million tonnes for next fiscal year to meet domestic requirements and keep strategic reserves.

Of total procured wheat, Punjab purchased about 3.191 million tonnes as against target of 4 million tonnes. Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa surpassed targets. Sindh procured 1.395 million tonnes against 1.3 million tonnes target. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa procured 0.187 million tonnes against 0.4 million tonnes target. Around 0.108 million tonnes was procured in Balochistan against 0.07 million tonnes target. PASSCO procured about 1.2 million tonnes as compared to its 1.3 million tonnes target, he said. PASSCO revised its target and now procure about 1.5 million tones and it set up 11 procurement centres in Sindh and 14 in Balochistan.

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