PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – Pakistan has potential to generate 2.3 million Mega Watt solar energy annually

Karachi, May 09, 2012 (PPI-OT): Pakistan has a potential to generate over 2.324 million mega watts electricity per annum through solar system and industrialists should come into manufacturing in this sector for domestic as well as industrial use in order to overcome prevailing energy crisis in Pakistan, this was stated by Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University. Dr Nasim A Khan.

Giving a presentation on solar power in Pakistan organized by Korangi Association of Trade and Industry with the collaboration of Engineering Review on Wednesday, Dr Nasim said that solar and wind powers are the real sources of energy and rest of the sources are alternative.

He said that Hamdard University is ready to provide technology of solar power to the industrialists free of charge so that country would be able to benefit from cheapest sources of energy. He said that though solar panels are expensive presently however, commercial manufacturing would make them cheaper and viable for all consumers.

He further emphasized on manufacturing of all components of solar system locally in order to make them viable for the local as well export market. He informed that many countries USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, UK, Japan, India, China and Thailand are now generating electricity in bulk through solar system. He disclosed that Japan is generating electricity at the cost of only two cents per kilo watt hour (KWH).

He said that Pakistan needs to put 2,000 MW electricity into the national grid every year and this could only be possible through solar and wind power. He said that UK which has less than half the population than Pakistan was generating 70,000 MW in 1970 whereas Pakistan is generating merely 22,000 MW at present.

Chairman KATI, Ehtesham Uddin has announced to extend all out support to the Hamdard University for the promotion of solar powered technology and offered to coordinate with Dr Nasim and industrialists to manufacture solar panels for domestic and industrial use. He said that switching over to the solar system for energy is the need of the hour and more people and scientists like Dr Nasim should come forward for this cause.

President All Karachi Industrial Alliance, Mian Zahid Hussain said in his address that solar and wind power are the need of the hour and future belongs to them as they are cheapest sources of energy. He said that KATI would constitute a committee comprising its Standing Committee Chairman on Alternative Energy, S M Yahiya, Farhanur Rehman and Tariq Malik to coordinate with Hamdard University for introduction and promotion of solar system in industrial sector.

Mian Zahid pointed out that none of the government measures were proved to be fruitful for saving energy and there was no respite in load-shedding. He said that volume of government’s loans has risen to over Rs11,000 billion from Rs4,000 billion. He said that KATI would strive hard to promote solar and wind power in Pakistan and Patron In-Chief KATI, S M Muneer too is very keen in this regard.

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