PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – Mobilink Jazba launches Mobile Game Development contest

Karachi, June 01, 2012 (PPI-OT): Mobilink Jazba has launched an exciting Mobile Game-Development Contest providing a platform for students and independent software developers to test their skills at creating gaming software for mobile platforms.

Mobilink Jazba’s mobile game development contest has been designed to evaluate the concept, technique and creative acumen of participants, whilst at the same time providing a new avenue for local mobile technology developers to develop content for mobile users.

Winners of the competition will get cash rewards up to Rs. 500,000, as well as other valuable prizes such as handsets and internship opportunities within Mobilink.

The announcement of the game competition was preceded by a series of nationwide workshops conducted by Mobilink in partnership with ‘We R Play’, where participants were introduced to the basics techniques of mobile game development.

Mobilink will also provide an additional incentive for participants by publishing all submissions on JazzBananas.com, which is Pakistan’s first mobile application store, with developers earning revenue for each download through the store.

Mobilink Jazba has also set up a web resource for aspiring mobile game developers, where they will have access to tutorials and unique game development kits. This resource can be accessed at www.jazba.com.pk/gbg

For more information, contact:
Omar Manzur
Director Public Relations and CSR
42, Kulsum Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad,
Phone +92-51-2273984, 0301 822 9546
UAN +92-51-111300300

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