Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) – In collaboration with IPDC (UNESCO) “Producing News and Current Affairs Program” June 11-13, 2012

Quetta: The participants of a 3-day workshop have build up consensus that News should be accurate, factual, impartial, balanced and representing all aspects of the story with opinion of relevant groups and Journalist should follow the ethics of journalism.

The consensus was build during a 3-day workshop on “Producing News and Current Affairs Program” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in collaboration with IPDC (UNESCO) from June 11-13, 2012 at a local hotel of Quetta, Balochistan.

The workshop was participated by 21 (three females) radio professionals form different districts of Balochistan such as Gwadar, Turbat, Khuzdar, Mastung, Ziarat, Chaman and Quetta etc.

Participants said radio was strong medium to highlight the problems of oppressed sections of the society and it could be a major source of change in the society if used properly. They said people did not have enough time to sit before the TV channel and watch the news or to purchase newspaper and read it because majority in the country was illiterate; there people have been using radio to keep them updated or entertained.

Participants were of the opinion that some anchors at TV channels were violating the basics of Journalism because they were not the working journalists. Many of them were the victims of superiority complex so they were not representing the true sentiments of the masses. They have their own hidden agenda.

They said that radio had produced many renowned journalists and people loved to hear them. There was time to revive the radio and create space for young journalists to show their passion. The credibility of journalist was more important so journalists should always follow the core values of journalism.

The chief guest of closing ceremony Ms. Dr. Ruqia Hashmi, provincial Minster of inter provincial affairs Balochistan said she had always liked to listen radio and that’s why she owned a radio license. She appreciated the efforts of PPF for building capacity of young radio professionals.

Senior Journalist Shahzada Zulfiqar during his lecture said that Journalists should follow the basic code of ethics and should maintain impartiality while reporting conflict etc. He said people in remote areas and even in urban centers listen radio as it was in access of common people and it was cheaper as compare to TV and other media sources. He said social media has also emerged as an alternative and radio professional should use it for their stories. Shahzada alleged that some TV anchors were violating the ethics of media and they should be discouraged at all levels. They have nothing to do with journalism because they were working for commercial purposes.

Chief Executive of FM 88 Chilton Malik Riffat said radio had emerged as a voice of common people and that’s why it had been receiving good response. He appreciated PPF role on organizing radio workshop in Quetta.

Trainers Mr. Ejza Baloch, assistant professor media and journalism department in Balochistan University and Lala Hassan of PPF, during three days workshop told the participants about   news, its components, news values, news package, current affair program, production, recording, editing, interview techniques, Law of defamation, media ethics.

Participants prepared 20 news packages and 4 short current affair programs. News packages were made by participants individually and current affair programs were made in groups. News packages were heard and discussed in plenary. Participates were happy to avail such opportunity. Especially the participants form for flung areas such Makran said that they were availing and participating first time in such activity. They thanked PPF for providing them such a meaningful activity, where from they learned a lot. Other participants suggested that the duration of workshop must be at least one week.

At the end of third day certificates were awarded among participants by Ms. Ruqia Saeed Hashmi and Director FM Chilton 88 Mr. Malik Riffat; while bureau chief of Express News Mr. Raza-ur-Rehman and bureau chief of PPI Mr. Javed Iqbal were also part of concluding ceremony.

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