Pakistan and United State of America Agree To Work Together

Islamabad: Pakistan and the United States agreed to go beyond security related relations and to promote public private partnership in business and trade ties.

The agreement came during meeting between finance minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez sheikh and US deputy secretary of state, Mr. Thomas Nides in Islamabad.

In a joint news conference they said both countries want to expand their economies and provide jobs to their citizens.

Finance minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez sheikh said that Pakistan and US relationship is an important one. This relationship is undergoing a difficult phase at the moment. The two sides are working together to overcome these difficulties and start new chapter.

We are looking forward to long-term sustainable relationship with the US based on mutual respect and our parliament is discussing this very important issue and will guide us in determining the future course of our relationship. Dr. Abdul Hafeez said both Pakistan and us needs to work together, to look beyond security related relations.

We look forward more public private partnership and the relationship on investment, business and trade. He said we discuss a range of bilateral relationship, assistance designed by the US government and congress to promote program in energy, food security and economic growth but the future course of this program and others will be determined based on the proceedings with in the parliament.

We would like to work together to realize the potential in this relationship and promoting partnership, getting access to the trade market and developing potential of business to collaborate.

US deputy secretary of state, Mr. Thomas Nides said, this is a critical time between US and Pakistan. We engage in discussion about the future of this very very important bilateral relationship. He said united state is committed to this relationship and we respect the parliamentary process that are going currently. He said our future are truly linked and we have significant work to do together.

We continue to cooperate as you mentioned on the Kerry Lugar funding, since October 2009, we provided over 2.6 billion dollar in civilian assistance to Pakistan including more than 800 million dollars in emergency assistance respond to the flood and conflict.

He said we have achieved the significant cooperation together because our relationship with Pakistan is so important to both of our countries. We know Pakistan have significant energy need so us is collaborating with the Pakistani government to fund work on the turbella dam and other major projects

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