Opportunities for Rice, Pharmaceuticals, Footwear, Health Services in Yemeni Market

Karachi: Trade ties between Pakistan and Yemen have expanded in 2011 despite political instability in the region, which is indicative of the fact that there is massive potential for exploring further opportunities for bilateral trade and investment, said Dr. Irfan Yusuf Shamsi, Pakistan’s Ambassador Designate to Yemen

He stated this during his visit to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry FPCCI Head Office at Karachi on Wednesday where he met leading members of the business community.

FPCCI-Vice Presidents Dawood Usman Jhakura and Engineer Usman Shaikh, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Honorary Consul General for Yemen in Pakistan, Nasiruddin Sheikh, Mir Nasir Abbas, Director General International Affairs-FPCCI, and representatives from the cement, pharmaceutical and textile sectors were present.

During the course of the discussion, it was noted that following a series of high level exchanges between the governments of both countries over the past few years, Pak-Yemen trade ties had witnessed significant improvement. However, there was still great potential to explore the Yemeni market in the following areas: rice, wheat, pharmaceuticals, footwear, cement, confectionary, lentils, spices and electric fans. At the same time, medical tourism was an area with tremendous scope, as was provision of higher education. It was proposed that the next meeting of the Pak-Yemen Joint Business Council be held in Pakistan. FPCCI would offer maximum facilitation to any visiting Yemeni businessmen in this regard.

Dr. Shami pointed out that Pakistani businessmen should explore the opportunity to export frozen meat products to Yemen, since there was significant demand for this product in the country. He assured the business community that he would take up the concerns raised by them with the relevant authorities, including facilitation in issuance of visas to Yemeni businessmen wishing to travel to Pakistan, advocacy for a more liberal regime for registration of Pakistani pharmaceutical products in Yemen, and the proposal to set up an LPG project in Yemen by Pakistani businessmen. He was also very receptive to the idea of holding a single country exhibition for Pakistani products in Yemen.

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