Norway set to build world’s first ship tunnel

Oslo (IINA) � Norway is planning to build the world’s first ship tunnel through the country’s Stad peninsula, which is home to harsh weather conditions that often delay shipments and cause dangerous conditions for ship crews.

The proposed tunnel would enable ships to travel through the peninsula in safety, New Atlas reported quoting Stad Ship Tunnel Project Manager Terje Andreassen as saying in a recent interview about the project.

The Norwegian government has given the green light to fully finance the construction of Stad Ship Tunnel, which will be 1.7 kilometers long, 37 meters high and 26.5 meters wide. The work on the ambitious project is expected to start in 2018, and take 12 years to complete, enabling entry to ships only after 2029.

The tunnel is designed to allow ships to navigate more securely through the Stadhavet Sea, which is regarded as one of the most exposed and dangerous areas for ships along the coast of Norway, sometimes enduring more than 100 storm days per year and a deadly combination of the wind, currents, and waves.

In addition to offering a safer route for sailors, the tunnel is also planned to serve as a popular tourist draw with the possibility of an overhead bridge that will be open to the public.

Source: International Islamic News Agency