NDMA Issues Heatwave Warning for Punjab and Sindh

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a warning about an impending heatwave starting Tuesday, which is expected to affect various regions significantly.

According to an advisory released by the NDMA, severe heatwave conditions are anticipated in Punjab and Sindh, beginning on Thursday and continuing until the 27th of this month. The advisory emphasizes that temperatures are likely to soar to dangerous levels, posing serious health risks to the population.

In light of the predicted heatwave and its potential hazardous impacts, the NDMA has advised the public to take necessary precautions. People are urged to avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight, stay hydrated, and wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to minimize the effects of the heat. It is also recommended to remain indoors during peak sunlight hours to prevent heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke and dehydration.

Farmers in the affected regions are specifically advised to manage their crops carefully and adjust
their agricultural activities to align with the severe weather conditions. This may include altering irrigation schedules and providing additional shading for crops to protect them from extreme temperatures.

Livestock owners are also advised to take measures to safeguard their animals. Ensuring that cattle have access to ample water and shade, and possibly adjusting feeding times to cooler parts of the day, can help mitigate the heat’s impact on livestock.

The NDMA’s advisory aims to raise awareness and prepare both individuals and communities for the approaching heat wave, encouraging proactive steps to minimize health risks and protect livelihoods.

Source: Pro Pakistani