Meeting presided by Commissioner Karachi decides to make Tree Plantation campaign effective

Karachi, August 07, 2015 (PPI-OT): A meeting held under the chairmanship of Commissioner Karachi has decided to make the campaign of Tree Plantation initiated by the Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed under the title of Green and Peaceful Karachi (Sarsabs-o-Pursukun Karachi) effective concerned citizens and non government organisation engaged for the improvement of pollution free environment other than the civic bodies and concerned government departments Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui hoped that Tree Plantation Campaign would get temperature and pollution reduced, and lessen the chances of re-emerging the heat wave as well in future in hot weather.

The meeting suggested implant trees in universities, mosques and religious seminaries with the help of students, teachers and citizens. . It was also decided that the Director Local Government Rubina Asif would work as the focal person in the campaign and look after the activities to be carried out.

The meeting was attended by the government and non- government originations including those engaged for the betterment of environment and enhancement of greenery and tree plantations in the city. The meeting decided that the campaign would be carried out with the support of all the stakeholders including the environmental volunteers.

The departments as well organizations attended the meeting expressed their determination devotedly to play their role to make the environment free for pollution and to make the city green and clean. The meeting decided that in addition to the Forest Department KMC and all DMCs would also facilitate citizens and the NGOs participating in the campaign by providing those plants free of cost or on concessional rates.

They would also provide the guidance and impart knowledge of planting and caring the trees plants. In this regard it was also decided that all the DMCs and KMC would establish nurseries in their jurisdictions at maximum numbers to provide plants and guidance to the citizens and non government organization participating in the Sarsabz-o-Pursukoon Karachi. The meeting further decided that all the efforts would be made with close coordination and would be reviewed the progress of the work in the meeting which will be held under the chairmanship of Commissioner Karachi.

Commissioner told the citizens and organizations to come forward to play their due role to make the campaign successful considering it a noble cause. Commissioner Karachi further told that the campaign would make the city beautiful and the environment pollution free and also would help lessen the heat wave emerging in the city due to unavailable of needed greenery and plants. He said there is great need to work on emergency basis for the better environment and to make city green and clean.

He said that not only the concerned NGOs but also the concerned citizens have been invited their attention towards the campaign of making city clean and green. He said there is a great need to follow the example of work of Armed Forces for the making their places Green and Clean. He said in this regard the civic organizations should also make their places green and clean like Armed Forces organizations.

The meeting further decided to launch the Park Adopt scheme under which the concerned citizens as well as community based organizations would be offered to participate in the campaign through adopting Public Parks with specific purpose and conditions under which no commercial activity would be allowed and no construction would be allowed.

Commissioner said that the under the Park Adopt Scheme Indus Valley School have already been allowed with the support of DMC South to adopt the Park located in Clifton which is under the jurisdiction and control of DMC South He said all DMCs and KMC would have to get signed an MOU that would not allow them to undertake any commercial activities and or to allow any construction in the adopted park.

Commissioner Karachi said that DMCs would also be appreciated to restore the abandoned parks in their areas just if any like have been done by the DMC East. He appreciated the work of the DMC East and his administrator Salahuddin to initiate the restoration of parks in its district. He advised those concerned people as well as organisations who want to adopt the Parks may contact the concerned DMC or may write to the Commissioner Through email ( in this regard.

It was also decided in the meeting that DMCs and KMC would also make efforts to create the awareness of pollution free environment through education publicity and training of the citizens as well as members of NGOs about the importance of tree plantation and do and of planting plants with special emphasis of taking care of plants.

The meeting also decided that Lubna Ghazal Environmental Trainer of Education Department of KMC would plan and get organized the programme of training for taking care of plants for staff and children this would help students to take care of the plants they planted successfully. It was decided that every student would plant at least one plant in schools which would be given his or her name.

The meeting further decided that an exhibition of Plants would be organised by the KMC at Frere Hall in which all types of plants would be exhibited and awareness and knowledgeable literature and printed, and audio video guide materials for showing and distribution would also be a part of exhibition Director Local Government Rubina Asif, Director General Technical services KMC Niaz Soomro Director Park KMC, and all DMCs and Districts Council Karachi, President National Forum for Environment and Health (NFE) Naeem Qureshi, Secretary General of United Nations Association Fauzia Tariq Chief of Commissioner Youth Team Shazia Mirza and other members of the team, representatives of different NGOs including the Mera Karachi Group, Aman Foundation Bohra Community , Global Green among others attended the meeting.

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