Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Exorbitant Increase in Water Tariff By 82% for Bulk Commercial and Industrial Consumers

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Karachi: This is to clarify that the above decision of exorbitant increase in tariff was taken in my absence, you are aware that this item of agenda was discussed before I joined the meeting. This should be absolutely clear and indicated to all concerned that I, President KCCI, was not the party and did and cannot agree to this kind of unprecedented increase in water tariff.

Please record this letter as part of the minutes and my statement on the subject. I fully believe that this increase has been initiated to offset the inefficiency of KW and SB and collection of bills resulting into loss of more than 45 percent of the revenue in terms of failure of collection of due bills and in terms of water pilferage and leakages and certainly I cannot be a party where the decision has been taken to penalize the honest payer for the dishonesty of others. It seems that this proposal has been tabled to set the impact of unscrupulous elements stealing water and not paying the due bills, it will certainly strengthen the unscrupulous elements in the business and those honest users of water would be put to more uncompetitive.

I specially want to emphasize that the value-added sector where water is a basic raw material cannot sustain this kind of an increase and KW and SB must reconsider its decision as bulk consumers they are also the backbone of the economy responsible for exports of more than 60 percent is subsisted to this kind of harsh treatment.

I would therefore request you to uphold this decision and sit down with KCCI along with the major water consuming industries representatives and bring rationale into the whole matter.

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