K.E. not taking notice of protest of citizens against over billing, Muhammad Yameen

Karachi, December 02, 2016 (PPI-OT): K.E. not taking notice of protest of citizens against over billing, and poor citizens are still being sent bills on approximation without meter reading, these thoughts were expressed by Advisor to Federal Ombudsman’s regional office Muhammad Yameen during hearing of applications against K.E.’s over billing at Deputy Commissioner Malir’s camp office. He said that quick action is taken on applications received in name of Federal Ombudsman and provision of justice is continued at applicants’ doorsteps. He said that application regarding govt./semi govt. departments is heard at Federal Ombudsman Court and not only report is asked by them but also executives of such departments are called at hearing and solution is made by mutual understanding. Applicant Riyaz Shah told that he was a poor man, served at a medical store, lived in a one-room house but which bill was sent by K.E., could only be a bill of a bungalow. Judge of Ombudsman Court upended excess billing by consultation of K.E. executive Waqas Ahmed and provided quick justice.

Applicant Syed Nadeem Hussain’s daughter appeared in the Court and told that her father was a retired employee while her brother was jobless, there was no means of earning, in spite of this K.E.’s over billing had disturbed, how did pay the bill? The said Judge Muhammad Yameen rejected allegation of power theft after perusing the report of K.E.’s executive and upended the excess bill. Applicant Muhammad Younus Ali’s son told the Court that his father was ill and billing amount was very high due to which he was facing problem, K.E. officials threatening to disconnect power supply, the Court ordered K.E. to change the meter at company’s expenses and send average bill till three months after checking meter reading. Applicant Muhammad Bashir said K.E. sent excess bill of Rs. 22,000 due to which he was very upset and could not pay the excess bill, the Court upended the excess bill and provided quick justice.

Applicant Sajid Mehmood told made complain of excessive billing then K.E. executive produced report of meter reading which showed very less units upon which the Court told the applicant your bill should be more than Rs. 300 according to appliances used in your house, your reading is not matching, after explanation of applicant, the Court ordered K.E. to send average bill till three months after checking the meter reading. Applicant Irfan Hussain told that he was being sent bills on approximation upon which the K.E. executive produced proof of power theft but applicant refused to accept the proof, the Judge said to applicant that meter is showing 60-61 units due to Fridge, T.V., washing machine, motor and iron in your house that is why K.E. is sent bill on approximation, thereafter the Court ordered to change the meter so that consumer and K.E. both could be satisfied.

Applicant Saeed Wahab told the Court that he was also hunt by over billing upon which K.E. produced record of power theft with photo, after checking the report the Judged commented that power is being theft according to record photo of which is produced but this is good that power is not being theft after imposing fines therefore IRB is upended. Applicant Shams Uddin Ansari said to the Court That he was being sent excess bill which he can not afford to pay, the Court reviewed the bill, found it normal in which there was no excessive bill upon which the Court made 18 instalments in lieu of decreasing the bill and said that no more could be done. Action was also taken on applications of Muhammad Muzaffar, Naeem Ur Reman Bangish and Kashif and justice was provided them.

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