Japan grants $ 96,660 for construction of concrete irrigation channel in Peshawar

ISLAMABAD: The government of Japan has decided to extended financial support of US $ 96,660 (approx. Rs 8.3 million to the NGO Rorwali for the construction of Concrete irrigation Channel in village Thakhtabad, Peshawar.

In this regard, an agreement between Hiroshi OE, the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan and Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Khan, Chairman of Rorwali was inked here on Wednesday aimed at achieving constant and timely provision of irrigation water in the project area by cementing existing unpaved and muddy irrigation channel.

Through the project, farmers in the village and its surroundings will get water with consistent flow throughout the year, and even farmers on the tail of channel would also have sufficient water to irrigate their farmlands.

The project is expected to benefit about 1,300 households (approx. 13,000 individuals. Furthermore, availability of sufficient water will contribute to increase the production of the agriculture crops in the project area.

At the signing ceremony, Ambassador OE stressed that improvement of irrigation facilities and rural development is one of the priorities in Japan’s assistance policy towards Pakistan, expressing his hope that the project would contribute to improve the income of the community of the project area by increasing farm products. He believes that such assistance by the government and people of Japan will further cement the existing friendly ties between the peoples of Japan and Pakistan.

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