Investment in education is an investment in Pakistan’s future: Islamic Relief

Islamabad: Under its Rehabilitating Infrastructure for Supporting Education (RISE) Project, Islamic Relief Pakistan has constructed 15 worst flood-hit schools in district Muzaffargarh said Country Director Dr. Fayaz Ahmad here on Tuesday.

He said that it is vital to invest on the education system of the country to get education-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and it is vital all children get free education especially the victims of disasters need particular care.

So far Islamic Relief has constructed 15 schools for boys and girls in flood-hit district Muzaffargarh and worked on revitalization of walls, installed water pumps, hand pumps, filtration plants, constructed solid waste collection, arranged teachers training, training of school councils were conducted, distributed school items, stationery, school bags, playing kits and renovation of play grounds are made possible.

In collaboration with the government and school committees, we have ensured that children are engaged in both the circular and extracurricular activities, he added.

Head of Humanitarian Programme Umair Hassan said it is estimated that around 20 million children in Pakistan are not in schools and education system is not so good, condition in disasters affected areas is worst.

We need to ensure free and quality education for all children; especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged need to be prioritized because the social and economic development of Pakistan depends on the success of its education. We at Islamic Relief are investing in the children and their education through our emergency and long-term development programmes to get positive socio-economic impacts.

It is also necessary to stop dropout ratio in the schools and Islamic Relief is also encouraging parents and communities to ensure that all children of their area are enrolled in the school. A special focus is being placed on enrolling girls, he said.

“The right of children to receive an education is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Pakistan is a signatory to it. It is therefore vital that all children in Pakistan, both boys and girls, have equal opportunity to attend school in which to continue their education or in some cases commence their education”.

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