Gabon’s president returns home after medical leave in Morocco

Government Policy

Libreville President Ali Bongo returned to Gabon on Monday after a three-month medical leave, during which a coup attempt was thwarted.

Bongo left Morocco’s capital Rabat to Libreville to attend the oath-taking ceremony Tuesday of the new government he appointed over the weekend. His return comes a week after the Gabonese government said it had thwarted a coup attempt.

Bongo, 59, suffered a stroke during a conference in Saudi Arabia in October and was flown to Morocco in November for treatment. He is expected to return to Rabat for medical reasons after attending the ceremony and a cabinet meeting.

Bongo came to power in Gabon in elections held following the death of his father, Omar Bongo, in 2009, who had ruled this West African nation for 41 years.

Source: International Islamic News Agency