‘Demand for livestock, its products increasing continuously’

Lahore: Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh has said that the demand for livestock and its product is continuing to increase due to population growth, urbanization and increase in per capita income.

Addressing 2nd International Conference & Expo on Halal Industry organized by Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO), Livestock & Dairy Development Department and Halal Research Council, he said that livestock sector has a great contribution towards GDP of country in conjunction with agriculture and is contributing 55 % of the agriculture value added products and 11.50 % national GDP. He said it is pleasing that 19 countries are participating in this international conference by sending their representatives to share their knowledge and experience regarding their states.

Minister Livestock said that government of the Punjab is committed to accord its full assistance to livestock sector and has already taken up various projects which are imperative for developing Halal value change especially in meat sector. He said that Pakistan being the 5th world largest animal strength and total Halal procedure of rearing and processing may contribute major share for international community.

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