Chartered Accountants safeguard public interest: President I Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Karachi: Rashid Rahman Mir President Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) speaking at the graduation ceremony maintained that Chartered Accountants stood to follow and uphold the principles of integrity, intellectual honesty and safeguard the public interest. He held that becoming a Chartered Accountant was a privilege because thousands struggled for that but only the best of the best were destined to succeed.

Appreciating the resolve of fresh graduates who “left their comfort zones to become something in life”, Rashid Rahman told candidly that it was a great honour for him to chair the graduating day as he too once was a student of ICAP. He also acclaimed Southern Regional Committee and staff for their contribution towards suitably equipping the graduates with the ability to deal with all kinds of challenges.

ICAP President stressing on setting goals for a balanced and successful life observed that most progress came from people who were not content to accept the status quo but were driven by a desire to improve things and offer a better way of doing something, often for the betterment of society. He advised fresh graduates to aim for high-end goals and objectives and keep their enthusiasm energetic by a drive to improve and achieve full potential.

Asking fresh graduates to always respect their profession, Rashid Rahman assured that profession too in return would do wonders for them: “We have high hopes attached to you – the future of the institute and the profession.

We need to surpass the past; work harder in the present while preparing for the future for this support is vital. We at the institute are committed to make the brand ICAP more powerful and more vibrant that is not possible without your support and ownership of the Institute and the profession.”

Numerous Past Presidents spoke at ICAP Graduation Day: Shabbar Zaidi stressing on continuously updating the knowledge said that survival in this field depended on professional competence.

Zafar Iqbal Sobani Chief Executive Officer HUBCO has observed that earlier people were not aware of this profession but with comprehension, quality of students also improved. Maintaining that first four years following graduation were important, Zafar Sobani advised the fresh graduates to get into multinationals to learn.

He said that employing company should believe in empowerment of employees and provide professional environment. Sobani said that it was not necessary that a Chartered Accountant should just limit himself to core financial base but he could play an important role in supply chain, marketing etc. Merit Certificates were awarded to Salman Khalid (Taxation), Zain Raza (Functional Eng) and Jasmine Kanwal in Mercantile Law.

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