Celebration for Remarkable Achievement of US$ 25 billion export target


Karachi: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) celebrated the remarkable achievement in exports of US$ 25.2 billion in 2011 in a local hotel in Karachi on 31 July 2011. This achievement could not be possible without the brilliant performance by the exporters in particular and business community in general. It was indeed a team effort led by the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan who had designated the year 2011 as the Year of Exports.

The main drivers for this remarkable achievement hinged on the traditional products: Textile, Clothing and Made- ups. However, the non-traditional shining stars were Rice, Petroleum, Marble and Granite, Wheat, Mineral Products, Chemicals, Chilled Meat, and Art Silk.

Trade Development Authority, being the premier trade promotion organization for the country, under the direct guidance and close supervision of the Minister for Commerce, has collectively succeeded in diversifying export products and export markets.

Following the declaration of Year 2011 as Year of Exports by the Prime Minister, TDAP embarked upon a marketing and promotional programme for the development of trade in the regional markets. As a manifestation of this, China focus campaign was designed and implemented for a potential one trillion dollar consumer market of the world, which received further impetus with the visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan to China earlier this year.

Ministry of Commerce and TDAP had consciously made an effort to redesign its Export marketing strategy with the view to enhance our product base and market presence. The strategy was geared not only to increase our trade share in our traditional markets that is; USA, EU and the Gulf region, but also to enhance our market share in the potential markets i.e. Asia, Africa the Central Asian Republics and Russia. This strategy has yielded the desired results and during the last two years our exports have been steadily growing in the non traditional markets, especially the Asian region which now accounts for over 45% of our total exports.

After a struggle of many years, TDAP has finally made a breakthrough for export of Mangoes to markets which were earlier closed to our Mango exports. The first ever consignments of Mangoes have now been launched in the United States and Japan. This would be a great stimulus and encouragement to Mango exporters and growers.

Trade Development Authority has put in place a web portal which is being developed to leverage the facilitation role being played to connect the global buyers with our exporters in a seamless manner.

TDAP will continue to strive for providing an enabling environment for the exporters / business community to aim high in the coming years.

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