Cairo may host another Palestinian reconciliation meeting soon: Fatah official

Moscow Rival Palestinian factions of Fatah and Hamas may hold another reconciliation meeting in Cairo in about two weeks, a senior Fatah official told TASS during his visit to Moscow.

“I think that in two weeks, Cairo will invite all factions for talks,” Fatah Central Committee member Rawhi Fattouh, who took part in the latest round of intra-Palestinian talks in Moscow, said on Tuesday. He said the exact date of the talks remains unknown. “We are waiting for an invitation from the Egyptian side.”

Commenting on the results of the Moscow meeting, Fattouh said that “at present, it is too early to speak about reconciliation”. “Regretfully, there has been no progress in negotiations between Hamas and Fatah,” he added.

According to the official, the new Palestinian government, based in the West Bank city of Ramallah, will be formed within a month, “or, maybe, two or three weeks”. However, forming a national reconciliation government that would include Hamas members, as well, is out of question so far.

“We will speak of forming the national unity government once Fatah and Hamas reconcile,” Fattouh said.

During the two-day consultations in Moscow, the sides have raised all issues of bilateral concern, including Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, relations with Israel and an international conference on Middle Eastern settlement, the Palestinian official said, noting that those issues were reflected in the final statement signed by all forces taking part in the talks, except the Islamic Jihad movement.

Source: International Islamic News Agency