Board meeting of SG Fibre Limited to be held on May 02, 2016

Karachi, SG Fibre Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the board meeting of the company is scheduled to be held on May 02, 2016 at Karachi. The agenda of the meeting shall be consideration of third quarterly accounts for the period ended March 31, 2016.

SG Fibre Limited emerged as a Private Limited Company on December 11, 1968, with the name of SG Rayon Mills that later converted into a Public Limited Company on March 16, 1994 and renamed as SG Fibre Limited on November 3, 1994.

SG Fibre Limited was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange on March 28, 1996 and just after a year of its enlistment the Company’s share became highest among the category of Filament Yarn Manufacturers on the Exchange.

The symbol “SGFL” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of SG Fibre Limited.