American Business Council president supports MFN status to India

LAHORE: President American Business Forum (ABF) Salim Ghauri has supported the government’s decision to extend Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India, saying Pakistan is strong enough to compete with India economically.

Also, he said, only an economically strong Pakistan would be in a position to solve political disputes in the region. Salim said it is time for Pakistan to go out of way in developing trade relations for economic survival in fast changing global economy. The Pakistan economy could only survive if it follows the international trade practices with its neighbours including India, he added.

Regarding Kashmir dispute with India, President ABF said this issue would remain unsettled for another 60 years if no improvement on bilateral Indo-Pak trade relations takes place. He said strong nations around the world are more focused on economics, as they are more worried about their social uplift.

On Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) from India towards Pakistan exports, Salim said a fair and honest bilateral trade regime would benefit not only Pakistan but also be helpful in Indian economic activity. India can import raw materials from Pakistan instead of spending millions on importing from remote destinations, he said. President ABF said the Federal government’s decision to extend MFN status to India is a step in right direction, hoping that it would not only benefit Pakistan and India but the whole region as well in future.

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