Al Meezan Launches Meezan Capital Protected Fund-II

Karachi: Al Meezan Investment Management Limited is pleased to announce the launch of Meezan Capital Protected Fund-II (MCPF-II), the only Shariah compliant Capital Protected Fund series of Pakistan. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the fund is from July 5 -7, 2011. The subscription of the fund will remain open for six weeks till August 15, 2011.

MCPF-II is an open-end mutual fund with a maturity period of three years and six weeks. The objective of MCPF-II is to provide investors 100% protection of their capital at maturity while offering them competitive returns through participation in the equity market.

Investment in MCPF-II can be made from any branch of Meezan Bank or Al Meezan offices across Pakistan. You can get more details about the product through toll free number 0800- HALAL (42525) or by calling 111-331-331. For more information you can visit our website or SMS INVEST at’6655’.

The Offering Document, Trust Deed and relevant transaction forms of the fund are available on our website.

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