Sudan offers lucrative opportunities in palm oil sector

Islamabad: President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) met the Ambassador of Sudan and discussed matters related to bilateral relations and trade promotion. The Ambassador invited the business community of Pakistan to invest in Sudan.

According to details, the Ambassador of Republic of Sudan in Pakistan Al-Shafey Ahmed Mohammed met Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, President FPCCI and Vice President Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Capital office of FPCCI, Islamabad. Shahid ur Rehman, Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Mines and Mineral, Wajid Ali Afridi, Member Standing Committee on ROZ and. Atif Ikram, Executive Member also presented on the occasion.

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, President FPCCI and Vice President Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanked the Ambassador and said that the good trade relation with Sudan is the priority of FPCCI. Further, he stated that an increase in the presence level of trade is our desire.

He informed that there are a lot of investment opportunities in different sectors of Pakistan and we will invite Sudanese investors to invest in Pakistan with the cooperation of you and your government. Moreover, the President FPCCI stated that the delegation of FPCCI visited Sudan under his leadership in November 2011 and also met with the President of Sudan. President FPCCI also stated that the globalization is taking place and Central Asia will be the new trade hub in future.

He added that FPCCI is always trying to find the new trade markets to expand our trade relations. President FPCCI believed that the regular visits of business community of both countries are necessary to improve the trade relation and expansion of bilateral trade. The economy of Pakistan is growing and at present the trade with other countries is also expanding.

Concluding the President FPCCI stated that the police reporting is not mentioned in the Visa form, which creates problems to people, when they exit Sudan. Therefore, Sudanese Government should exempt the business community to police reporting or otherwise clearly mention the requirement of police reporting in the visa form, so that suitable steps would be taken.

On the Occasion, the Sudanese Ambassador in Pakistan Al-Shafey Ahmed Mohammed said that the abundance of palm oil seed in Sudan, represents the huge potential of investment in Sudan. He urged the Pakistani business community to visit Sudan and meet the businessmen of Sudan for enhancing the trade relations. He said that business community of Sudan always welcomes the Pakistani business community and stated that the issues of visa will be informed to the Government of Sudan for suitable solution. The meeting concluded with the presentation of the FPCCI Crest to the Ambassador.

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