Permanent ban on export of live animals, wet blue leather from Pakistan demanded

Karachi: There is a dire need to put permanent ban on export of live animals and wet blue leather from Pakistan, says Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association PTA (Central) Karachi Khurshid Alam.

Leather Industry of Pakistan in general & PTA in particular highly appreciated decision of the government to put immediate ban on export on live animals from Pakistan, he said in communication on August 02, 2011 to Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. Leather Industry which is second, largest export earning in manufacturing sector providing jobs to 500000 people and contributing 5% in manufacturing GDP depends on by-product of meat and beef.

Alam gave facts and figures on extent of damage to general public in respect of exorbitant rise in prices of mutton, beef, and to leather industry due to high cost of skin of goat, sheep, buffalo and cow. Due to exorbitantly high prices of mutton, beef an average Pakistani family cannot afford to eat meat and beef as a result Pakistan was declared protein deficient nation by UNIDO, he added.

“All healthy animals are either exported or smuggled and only old and sick animals are slaughtered for local use. In a recent study by University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore use of beef and meat of sick animals have spread various diseases such as tuberculosis and many other diseases in our human population,” PTA Chairman stated.

He said due to high prices Qurbani a religious ritual has become now dream for common man and “we have snatched this happiness from our children who use to keep qurbani animal for few days with hope that they will get meat once a year.” Due to higher prices meat, beef consumption reduced as a result leather industry based on by-product of meat, beef suffered. He said in fiscal year 2007-08 export of leather industry was US$1.220 billion, in fiscal 2008-9 it was $0.959 billion and in 2009-10 went down to $0.862 billion. Though exports of 2010-11 shown up-ward trend but this is mainly because of higher prices of leather in international market and quantities increase is not much.

“It is shocking that non-availability of raw skins, hides most of small & medium tanneries in the country closed their operations and this left almost 200000 people jobless. We apprehend much more will be unemployed if export and smuggling of live animals from Pakistan continues. Keeping in view above facts there is a dire need to put permanent ban on export of live animals and wet blue leather from Pakistan,” Khurshid Alam said.

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