Organic Meat Company Ltd to Expand Production With Rs. 600 Million Investment

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The Board of Directors of The Organic Meat Company Limited (PSX: TOMCL) has given its approval to expand its production facilities and upgradation of the Company. The Company has undertaken a substantial expansion of its existing meat chilling and freezing capacities through an enhanced investment outlay of Rs. 600 million. This revision in the proposed capital expenditure budget will increase the Capex outlay by an additional Rs. 150 million from the initially approved and reported budgetary estimates, TOMCL said in the stock filing. This significant expansion will help TOMCL to expand its business footprint for current and future boneless frozen and heat-treated/cooked frozen beef export orders from international markets including The United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia (KSA), Central Independent States (CIS), Republic of Iraq, and The Peoples Republic of China (China). The filing said TOMCL’s management foresees significant growth prospects for its products in the above markets and the current expansion of its processing facilities is in line with these growth expectations. The management foresees a significant positive impact of the above-disclosed expansion plan on the Company’s business as well as generating favorable future value for its shareholders, it added.

Source: Pro Pakistani