Honda Launches Limited Time “Free Checkup” for Bikes

Despite the troubling situation in the car and bike market, companies are doing everything to maintain their public interest. In a recent development, Atlas Honda has launched a ‘Free Checkup’ offer for its bikes.

The offer is only available for a short amount of time and can be availed at the 4S company service stations. In response to a customer query on Facebook, the company replied that the service is available for all Honda models.

Honda has implied in the post that the offer will include the free checkup of engine oil, air filter, and brake shoes. Although, people are seemingly mistaking the ‘Free Checkup’ for ‘Free Tuning’, which is not the case.

How it Actually Works

Once the “free checkup” is complete, the mechanic will ask you (the customer) if you’d like to have the engine oil, brake shoes, and/or air filter replaced. At that time, the mechanic will not inform you that the brake shoe, filter, and engine oil replacement cost a certain amount of money.

Only when everything has been replaced, the mechanic will show you the bill, leaving you dumbfounded. Therefore, if you do wish to avail Honda’s “free checkup” offer, just remember to be vigilant.

Source: Pro Pakistani