Zeba Bakhtiar and Johnson and Johnson aspire towards better diabetes care

Karachi, September 09, 2013 (PPI-OT): The campaign dubbed Project “Aspire” encouraging Diabetics to aspire to and aim at healthier lifestyle. The campaign is endorsed by the famous celebrity Zeba Bakhtiar who believes strongly in the crucial role of well-designed diabetes education on the long term health outcomes. The campaign involves the launch of a user friendly blood glucose monitoring device, OneTouch SelectSimple, in Pakistan.

The device uses state-of-the-art technology to measure blood glucose levels and is an essential component of diabetes management. OneTouch brand ambassador Zeba Bakhtiar, who is engaged with LifeScan, was present at the press meet along with senior management of LifeScan Pakistan.

“What is also unique about the campaign is the introduction of the 4 Cs concept aiming at It aims at simplifying the diabetes education. The abbreviation stands for, Check blood sugar regularly, Control the highs and lows of glucose levels, Consume healthy food and Care for yourself by exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle”, said Ahmed Habiba, Marketing Manager – LifeScan MEA

LifeScan is Johnson and Johnson Company dedicated to helping people manage their diabetes condition to enables them to lead happy and fulfilling lives. LifeScan’s products provide diabetics with necessary tools which empower them to handle their condition in the best possible manner. OneTouch Technology has eliminated wiping and timing procedures and has made the process of monitoring blood glucose simple for the users.

The OneTouch brand offers everything one needs to test: blood glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices and diabetes management software. The product is accurate, convenient and can help make testing less painful.

“OneTouch SelectSimple is a self monitoring blood glucose meter that doesn’t require coding nor any initial set up. It is designed with color and audio alerts so we know immediately through High – Low alarm the level of our blood glucose reading”, said Nibal Doughan, Business Development Manager- LifeScan MEA

“Being diagnosed as an insulin-dependent some 20 years ago, I have learnt to organize my life according to my health requirements. I have learnt that diabetes is not an illness but a condition and I feel that awareness of diabetes is of paramount importance. Therefore, I have joined hands with LifeScan to share my learnings with people who face the challenges that I did,”said Zeba Bakhtiar, while talking to the media.

Amongst the adult population of Pakistan, every seventh person is either suffering from diabetes or is about to develop the condition. The number of people with diabetes and pre-diabetes is 13 million and there are almost 4 million people with undiagnosed diabetes. LifeScan’s One Touch can make a significant contribution towards improving the scenario in Pakistan by informing people of their health condition.

Khalid Qureshi, Country Manager LifeScan Pakistan, said: “Diabetes cannot be managed without monitoring blood glucose regularly at home. Whether or not the treatment is working can only be gauged by monitoring blood glucose. One Touch Select Simple is designed to be used in 3 easy steps with high and low glucose level alerts”

LifeScan Pakistan has partnered with UDL (United Distributors Limited) as the national distributor for the device and is also in the process of setting up a Helpline to provide information on basic diabetes care and self monitoring of blood glucose.

Moreover, LifeScan intends to partner with the Ministry of Health, local medical societies, hospitals and healthcare industry dedicated to manage diabetes in the country as it recognizes the importance of supporting and partnering with others to serve the broad needs of the diabetes community.

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