Volunia, the First “Social Search Network” Now Available for Everyone

PADUA, Italy, June 14, 2012/PRNewswire/AsiaNet Pakistan –
Starting June 14th, the Italian project will be available with new features in 12 languages for all internet users.

Volunia has completed its beta phase and is open to all internet users. After months of intense work spent improving the functions of the platform, starting June 14th the “social search network” designed and manufactured in Italy is finally available for all internet users who would like to try out a new experience on the Web.

Volunia is actually the first “social search-based network” that allows users to get in touch with other people who share the same passions and interests.

Thanks to Volunia a simple information search becomes “social”, by meeting real people who share the same interests and passions, and transforming browsing into a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. You can communicate on any webpage with your new travelling companions and build networks of friends based on their cultural affinities.

Volunia is available at http://www.volunia.com and is localised in 12 languages. Starting 21 June it will be accessible from mobile platforms.

Why Volunia?

Not all information can be accessed on the Internet. The most important knowledge lives in memories, in the minds and hearts of people. With Volunia every webpage becomes a meeting place for discussion and reflection to learn new things and meet new people. The main objective driving the idea for the project is: putting people in touch with other people beyond all technological and cultural barriers.

Volunia leaves the content where it is

It will be interesting, especially for publishers, to understand how content is managed by Volunia. Thanks to its functions, to comment on content you no longer need to take it from a page and share it with your contacts on a closed social network. Volunia leaves the content where it was created, but you can discuss it in real time with other people who are visiting at that time (it can be a video, an image, or news) or you can leave a message related to the page you visited so that anyone in the future who lands on the same content can see it.

Source: Volunia Italia

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