Uzbek announces incentives to Pakistani investors

SAMARKAND: Uzbek government announced incentives in the specialized investment zones for Pakistani industrialists in different sectors to invest and avail15-year exemptions from taxes.

This decision was taken in a meeting held in the Ministry of Economy with its Minister Dil Murad Turdive and President FPCCI Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, says a press release issued here on Saturday.

The delegation consisted of the following Pakistan’s Ambassador Waheed-ul-Hassan, Tariq Mehmood, Mirza Abdul Rehman, Khalil-ur-Rehman, Abdul Waheed, Kashif Zaheer, Arshad Aziz, Tariq Masood Khan, Muzaffar Hussain, Obaid-ur-Rehman, Mir Nasir Abbas, Director General, Muhammad Abid, Executive Officer FPCCI, Mukhtar Hussain and Shabih Muzaffar

It was pointed out that there are immense opportunities of trade and investment between the two friendly countries. By enhancing trade the relationship will be further strengthened. Dil Murad stated that Uzbekistan has large deposits of resources and with Pakistan’s strength in Textile, Pharmaceutical and leather the Businessman in Uzbekistan will be able to develop and enter into joint ventures for bilateral trade.

He invited the Pakistani Businessman and Investors to come and avail the opportunities and Export to others Central Asian Republic Countries and Russian Federation.

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, President FPCCI while responding stated that the delegation comprised top businessman from diversified sectors and this is the first time that such a large and high profile delegation is visiting Uzbekistan. This visit will be a land mark in the bilateral relationship between the two brotherly countries.

He further stated that issues like Remittances, Banking and Visa if removed by the Uzbek Government will attract huge investment in the field of Textile, Leather and Pharmaceuticals.

As a follow-up to the Pakistani visit the leader of the Pakistan Delegation Senator Haji Ghulam Ali invited the Uzbek Minister to lead a businessman delegation to Pakistan which will further strength the Trade and Economic Relationship.

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali further stated that along with investment, both the countries should participate in exhibitions on yearly basis on reciprocal basis, besides exchanging Trade Delegations.

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