USAID empowers women in power sector

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s greatest untapped resource is its highly qualified, motivated women, who, if given a chance, have the ability to lead its economy to impressive new records of productivity and prosperity.

This was stated by Dr Marilyn Wyatt, wife of the United States ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, while speaking at a training workshop, organised by United States Assistance for International Development (USAID), for female workers of Islamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO, here on Monday. A major step towards our mutual goal of a strong, world-class power sector in Pakistan is empowering the women, she said, adding who work for the power distribution companies.

This is the reason all of our programmes at USAID, she added, put a premium on enhancing the potential of women, whether it is health services to new mothers, micro-grants or equipment provided to women who want to combine family roles with income-generating activity, or education and special training to women that will help mainstream them into professions and leadership roles traditionally held by men. She said that women have been playing an increasingly visible role in power sector. More and more women are working behind the scenes to help the DISCOs and other entities work better and work smarter, she added.

“Women are also taking on increasingly visible leadership roles, I was impressed to meet, just the other day, a woman who serves on the ‘Women in Energy’ task force. Both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, these women will help take Pakistan’s power sector to a world-class level,” she asserted. In today’s world, all workers and not only women, Wyatt said, need top-notch Information Technology (IT) skills as global economy demands on it and a country the size of Pakistan needs it.

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