US partners vow to pursue climate fight without Trump

Bologna, Italy (IINA) � The United States’ partners in the Group of Seven (G7) vowed on Sunday to press ahead with efforts to contain devastating climate change despite a rift caused by the US withdrawal from the Paris accord on cutting carbon emissions, AFP reported.

“Italy and the overwhelming majority of countries regard Paris as irreversible and non-negotiable,” Italian Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti said after the first day of a two-day gathering of G7 environmental chiefs in Italy.

Head of the UN Environment Program Erik Solheim said Sunday’s talks had underlined the “absolute determination” of the other six G7 countries to push ahead “whatever happens in the White House.”

“The private sector, big business, including in the United States, tell us they back action. There are huge numbers of new jobs in renewables and the green economy, there is lots of money to be made, far more than in fossil fuels.”

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s choice to head the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and seen as a climate change skeptic, attended the meeting in the northern Italian city of Bologna but headed home at the end of the first day.

Earlier this month, President Trump announced that the US would not abide by the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change and would seek to renegotiate terms he denounced as unfairly damaging to the American economy and overly generous to India and China.

Source: International Islamic News Agency