UPDATE: Israel Detains Nine Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli forces on Sunday detained at least nine Palestinians during predawn raids in the West Bank districts of Hebron and Nablus, as well as in Jerusalem, according to local sources.

In Hebron, south of the West Bank, Israeli forces detained two Palestinian brothers after raiding and searching their family home. The two were identified as Anas and Imad Jaber.

The Israeli military also detained two Palestinian students in Hebron’s Old City neighborhood, claiming they had knives on their possession. The two were not yet identified.

Meanwhile, army forces broke into the nearby towns of Saeer and Shuyukh, where they raided the family house of Fadi Froukh, a Palestinian who was recently shot dead by the Israeli military. The army also seized a private-owned house in the town of Saeer.

In Nablus, Israeli army also detained two Palestinians, identified as Amjad Qadan and Nasser Qadous.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police broke into Bab Hatta neighborhood in the city and detained three local Palestinians. They were identified as Mahmoud Shaweesh, Amjad Abu Sneineh, and Mohammad Rabayeh.

The Israeli offensive in the neighborhood provoked clashes between Israeli police and teenagers, during which the police used teargas canisters and stun grenades to disperse them.

Source: WAFA