UNISAME invites pm to comprehend the hardships of the under privileged

Karachi, May 07, 2015 (PPI-OT): The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) invited the attention of the prime minister (PM) to the difficulties faced by the common man and reminded him that Pakistan is a welfare state and the government is duty bound to look after all ages of its citizens in the best possible manner and remove as many hardships as possible.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver speaking at local television channel enumerated the difficulties faced by the under privileged sector of unemployment, lack of opportunities, inflation, improper medical facilities and poor educational facilities and urged the PM to comprehend the turmoil of the common man.

He said it is the right of every citizen and the government must make every effort to lessen the hardships and turmoil of the under privileged.

Unfortunately the government has failed to even provide potable water and water has become a commodity and people have to purchase water for drinking, bathing and washing. The water mafia is functioning and threatening the people who are complaining.

The medicines available at the chemist and government hospitals are counterfeit and unqualified doctors are running clinics in poor areas.

He said it is strange that the government does not seem to realize the fact that corruption is increasing and government hospitals, schools and departments have increased their rates. Some are calling it speed money and bribery is so common that it is considered as gifts and without payment the applicant has to suffer ill treatment or is ignored and subjected to frustration and rejection by a list of objections.

He pointed out that the government has announced an insufficient Ramazan package for 6000 Utility Stores in the country. It is pertinent to note that Utility Stores concept is ideally for the lower middle class and the under privileged who are not in a position to buy their daily kitchen items to eat one square meal. Unfortunately the system of purchase and sales at the stores are defective and goods are purchased by shopkeepers at the time of shortage and not easily available for the deserving for whom the stores are existing.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme (PMYLS) is again not for all but only benefits those are successful in ballot. Whereas it is the right of every youth having a sound business plan to be facilitated with subsidized finance.

Since the large sector is shy the new industries are not being established and as a result there is huge unemployment. The other alternative is self employment and promotion of the SME sector which again is lacking the patronage of the government and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) is left to die its own death.

Thaver questioned the concept of welfare state and said the senior citizens, the retired citizens who are on pensions and those retiring on reaching the retirement age are finding it very difficult to survive due to the lowering of profit rates by the National Savings Centre and except for the Behbood scheme the others are subjected to with holding taxes. It is unfair to burden the retired citizens with with holding taxes. In fact the government must reduce its own expenses and declare austerity. Huge amount of money is spent by the government and their lavish style of holding meetings, travelling and shopping.

A welfare state should not tax its senior citizens belonging to the under privileged class and facilitate the youth by providing opportunities.
Medical care and education are other priorities and above all inexpensive justice for the aggrieved.

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