UnionPay Launches Haigou 2.0 to Upgrade Cross-Border Online Shopping Experience

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 10 / Xinhua-AsiaNet — UnionPay International (UPI), the provider of global payment services for UnionPay cards (card numbers starting with 62), today announced the launch of UnionPay Haigou 2.0 under the name “Shop The World” (haigou.unionpay.com), with hundreds of overseas online merchants already joining the platform.

The new platform has been fully upgraded in its function, services and user interface to further improve the online shopping experience of UnionPay cardholders so that they can “shop the world at home”.

Built upon its predecessor’s product classification, language translation, merchant guide and other functions, “Shop The World” extends its services to include product recommendation, national specialty pavilion, UnionPay account login, cash-back, and logistics transshipment which cover almost the whole process of domestic consumers’ cross-border online shopping.

The platform highlights four categories including maternal and child products, beauty, fashion, and food, and provides full-site retrieval, national and regional pavilions, merchandise category and other functions so that consumers can rapidly locate their expected products. Through system integration with cross-border logistic companies, shopping service providers and insurance companies, the platform provides cardholders with more convenient cross-border online shopping services.

When a cardholder purchases overseas products or services through the platform and pays via UPOP, the transaction in foreign currency will be converted into RMB and debited into the cardholder’s RMB account without charging currency conversion fees. The cardholder may also enjoy privileges provided by UPI and its merchants, including card-using rebate and freight discount. As the platform goes live, UPI will provide “gift upon registration” to give cardholders an instant offer.

Cross-border online shopping via UPOP is conducive to ensuring transaction security. Equipped with secure systems, UPOP provides security products like PIN security protection control, dynamic mobile password and information security encryption transmission, which fully meets the security demand for online shopping.

Through cooperation with overseas institutions, UPI has realized the acceptance of UnionPay card’s online payment by 10 million of overseas merchants located in over 100 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, South Pacific, Hong Kong and Macau which cover retail, online tourism reservation, tuition payment and air ticket reservation. Among them are Amazon and ebay in the U.S., Rakuten in Japan, Gmarket in South Korea, Agoda in Thailand and Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Germany. Most of these merchants have joined the platform and more are expected in the half a year to come.

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