Union of Small and Medium Enterprises remind small to medium size entrepreneurs that their vote is precious and they owe it to Pakistan to vote for right candidates

Karachi, May 09, 2013 (PPI-OT): The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has again reminded the small to medium sized entrepreneurs that their vote is very precious and they owe it to Pakistan to vote for the right candidates.

The candidate who is honest, educated, willing to serve Pakistan wholeheartedly and promote the micro, small and medium sector (MSME) believing that this sector is the backbone of the country and can change the destiny of the country deserves their vote.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said that the previous governments did not promote the MSME sector although the sector is the majority sector which needs immediate attention of the government. It is deprived of water, gas, electricity, law and order, education, medical care and infrastructure.

The MSMEs are therefore advised to only vote for candidates who have declared to improve the lot of the MSMEs and believe they are truthful and remain committed to the cause of the micro and small businessmen. The MSME sector comprises of 99% of the economy and needs full attention of any successive government.

He urged the entrepreneurs including the hawkers, shopkeepers, traders, consultants, manufacturing units to vote diligently for the right candidate and vote only for the candidate who believes that the economic agenda is important and the entrepreneurs need the right environment to progress.

The union officials pointed out that potable water is not available, electricity is not provided to run the units, the MSMEs are subjected to high handedness of officials on the one hand and the gangsters on the other hand. Bribery and corruption are the order of the day and reminded the candidates seeking votes to promise on oath and vow to improve the conditions of the masses.

The union has reminded the candidates that they will remain answerable to their constituency and the voters will not spare them once they are elected, as the voters have become aware of their rights and will voice their concern for a system of accountability in Pakistan.

The union has informed its members to cast their votes positively in good time and carry their identification with them.

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