UN chief: Accountability is needed to end the crime of Syria’s chemical weapons use

BackAkra, Sweden United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday that the members of the UN Security Council need to find a way to unite and punish anyone found to have used chemical weapons in Syria, in line with international law.

Guterres made the remarks while speaking to reporters in BackAkra, Sweden, where he is currently hosting a retreat for Council members in the home which belonged to his predecessor in the 1950s, Dag HammarskjAlld, an inspirational leader of the world body.

Following the recent alleged use of chemical weapons in the formerly-besieged Syrian city of Douma, and previous instances verified by the UN since the brutal conflict began, the UN chief said that a way had to be found to end their use.

We cannot go on living with impunity in relation to what has been happening with weapons that should have disappeared from the face of the world, he said.

Asked about whether the 15-member body had a roadmap for a solution to end the conflict now in its seventh year, Guterres said that everything needed to be put on track, and there was still a long way to go to achieve unity. He added that the closed-door session in Sweden provided an opportunity for the Council to prove that it can be effective when it is united.

The problem is that in many aspects, we have not yet been able to have a united Security Council, he noted. Quoting former Secretary General HammarskjAlld, Guterres said that more than ever, the world is one world and mankind does not have the right to allow new and old divides to cause so much suffering and pain. To do the right thing is to overcome contradictions, to overcome differences and to understand that we all really must work for what is really one world, he told reporters

Source: International Islamic News Agency