UK works on Aid and Trade relations with Pakistan: British Deputy High Commissioner

Hyderabad: British Deputy High Commissioner Francis Campbell has said that more than 100 companies of UK were operational in Pakistan including Shell who were paying huge amount in taxes to the government of Pakistan.

He said that in recent meeting between President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to enhance the trade volume between the two countries.

While addressing a meeting during his visit to Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, British Deputy high Commissioner said that his government, according to its policy, does not invest itself but encourages the business to business relationship with Pakistan. He said that they were not new to Pakistan. “We have a long term relationship with each other”, he added.

He said that European Zone suffered crucial economic situation but since Britain itself has successfully come out from these crisis. He said that United Kingdom works on Aid & Trade relationship with Pakistan, and during floods in Pakistan British government started funding program for rehabilitation of the affected areas and the people.

He said that 2012 would be a historical year for UK because Golden Jubilee of Queen will be celebrated during this year and Olympics will also be held at London in 2012. He invited business community of Hyderabad to visit London during the year 2012.

Former vice president HCCI Ziauddin asked a question that what effects would be on the economy of Pakistan as Pakistan has declared India as Most Favoured Nation while India cast its vote in favour of Pakistan in WTO. Mr. Francis Campbell replied that it would not only be in favour of economy of Pakistan but would have a positive effect on the regional economy as well as economy of the world.

He quoted the example of Sialkot which was only 7 Kilometre away from the border of India and its contributions to Pakistan exports are worth mentioning. Talking about the vote of Bangladesh against Pakistan in WTO he said that Pakistan should learn lesson from the experience of European Union, as on the establishment of EU lots of people opposed it but it proved to be successful.

He expressed his satisfaction on the educational standard of Hyderabad and said that he could see the shining future of Pakistan.

Earlier, Senior Vice President HCCI Turab Ali Khoja said in his well come address that Hyderabad has a lot of Industries including textile, garments, auto mobile assembly plants. He said that his visit of Hyderabad would be fruitful for establishing the bilateral trade relationship between both countries. Meeting was highly attended by the industrialists, traders and the member of HCCI.

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