Trust, Credibility and Relationship need to be bridged, Architects moot concludes

Karachi: The concluding day of IAPex 2012 Conference engaged a high level participation from various walks of life when the discussions revolved around bridging Karachi for our tomorrow followed by the presentations of students’ design charrettee in the evening.

Addressing the large audience at the fourth session of the IAPex2012 Conference, Ar. Yawar Abbas Jilani expressed his views on how to build bridges to have Karachi in future as a better city. He told the participants that since 1947, Karachi’s development has always been at the stake of ‘adjustments’ and ‘adhocism’. Yawar told that few decades ago, he along with a group of architects was asked by the government of Sindh to present their recommendation for Karachi’s master plan.

The group, indeed carried out an in-depth study, met all high officials and parliamentarians of the government of Sindh and presented their recommendations which were disregarded by the government later on for the reasons (un)known. Karachi, as told by Yawar is a kinetic city which keeps on changing every day and thus has great potential of development on concrete grounds.

Yawar also highlighted the role of citizens in developing the city. Quoting the contributions being made by Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Adeeb Rizvi (SUIT), Dr. Abdul Bar, Ar. Tariq Qaiser and Adnan Azdar (INDUS Hospital), Ar. Arshad Abdulla (The Citizen Foundation Schools), Akhtar Hameed Khan (Orangi Pilot Project), he said, there is a long list of non-governmental organizations whose role in developing the city are unparalleled. He informed the audience that having population of 18 millions, Karachi does not have any development and planning authority.

The role of Karachi (now Sindh) Building Control Authority has merely confined to policing and vigilance of the execution of bye-laws in meagre manner. No developmental future plan is devised in good faith to confirm that what Karachi would be in next thirty years. He concluded his presentation on a note that we need to build bridge among trust, credibility and relationship and must envision collectively the future of OUR Karachi.

His thoughtful presentation was deeply discussed by a panel as moderated by Aysha Tammy Haq who invited Ar. Akeel Bilgrami, Dr. Noman Ahmed, Faheem Zaman, Asim Siddiqui, Maryam Ali and Adnan Azdar on the panel. They all shared their vision for Karachi in next thirty years; a city with no disparity and apathy where people could enjoy polluted free breeze, noise free transportation, lush green parks and above all can live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The panel discussion confirmed the fact that non-governmental (private) sector has all the capacities and abilities to run the city provided that government does not create hurdles on the way and furthermore, private sector does not have any expectation from the government.

This discussion was followed up by the students’ work at Students’ Design Charrattee in which five schools of architecture from the province of Sindh have participated and developed design solution for given urban issue during the three days of IAPex 2012 at expo center, Karachi.

Finally, Ar. Gulzar Haider, Dean Beaconhouse National University summed up the three days conference proceedings titled ‘Building Bridges’. He expressed his satisfaction upon increasing sophistication of choosing Conference themes by the Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP).

All themes over a period of time, said Gulzar Haider, are a deeper reflection of what and how an architect can contribute to the society philosophically and critically. He concluded his remarks with a note that building bridges of human relations, ideas and human values cannot be overlooked while connecting professionals and industry together.

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