Trading in the scrip of Shakarganj Limited

Karachi, Shakarganj Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Company is not aware of any reasons for movement in its share price and volumes, if there would be any material/price sensitive information in future. The same shall be disclosed by the Company in accordance with the applicable provisions of the securities act, 2015 and PSX rule book. Shakarganj Limited was incorporated in Pakistan in 1967 as a Public Limited Company and is listed on Pakistan stock exchange.Shakarganj is a leading manufacturer of food products, bio fuel and building materials as well as textiles. They transform renewable crops such as sugarcane and cotton into value added products comprising of refined sugar, textiles, bio fuels and building materials in addition to generating bio power from biogas. Shakarganj has two manufacturing facilities in the Jhang District and a registered office in Lahore. Shakarganj, through its interest in Shakarganj Food Products Limited, is also active in production of dairy and fruit products and is one of the leading brands in the Pakistan retail market. The symbol “SGML” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of Shakarganj Limited.