Trading Corporation of Pakistan awards tender for import of 440,000MT of urea

KARACHI: Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), in response to its international gallop tender notice floated on November 1, 2011, awarded import contracts for 440,000 metric tons of urea at the rate of $540.75 per metric ton C&F, on the lowest bid basis, to four different responsive bidders.

In all, 13 responsive bidders participated in the tender and quoted prices ranging from $540.75 to $578 PMT (C&F).

M/s Dreymoor Fertilisers Overseas PTE Ltd, offered the lowest price of $540.75 PMT C&F initially for 50,000 MT. However, they agreed to increase the quantity upto 100,000 MT at the same price.

As the offer conformed to all technical specifications and evaluation criteria given in the tender document, the bidder was awarded contract for import of 100,000MT urea.

Three more bidders viz M/s Keytrade AG Switzerland, M/s Transmonia, Switzerland and M/s Incitec Pvt Ltd, Australia who had quoted higher rates agreed to match the lowest price of $540.75 PMT C&F for supply of 150,000 MT, 100,000 MT, and 90,000 MT respectively. Hence, the contracts for the agreed quantities were awarded to them, as well.

A representative of M/s Transparency International Pvt Ltd also attended the tender award meeting.

With the above purchases, TCP achieved the target of import of 700,000 MT urea, for the Rabi 2011-12, assigned by the government.

As per tender terms and conditions, shipments of imported urea of this tender would start within one week after opening of L/C.

TCP expects completion of the shipments against the tender awarded Thursday (10-11-2011) by mid December, 2011.

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