Traders oppose Federal Board of Revenue decision to collect sellers, purchasers details

LAHORE: Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association (PHMA) on Thursday questioned from the Federal Board of Revenue the logic behind the decision under which collecting NTN and CNIC number of every seller and purchaser was declared as compulsory.

In a statement issued, the PHMA central vice chairman Tariq Rasheed the FBR had imposed the controversial SRO 821(I) 2011 through which collecting NTN and CNIC number of every purchaser and seller was declared compulsory.

He said the business community considers this move as unjustified and illogical because it would not do any service to the FBR rather it would further tighten noose around the registered tax payers only.

The SRO 821(I) 2011 will have devastating effect on the businesses in Pakistan as the compulsory requirement of NTN or CNIC number of each and every purchaser or seller is practically almost impossible, he claimed.

Rather, he noted, it would only benefit the unregistered businesses. PHMA leader stated it seemed that the FBR, in a bid to cover its inefficiency, was trying to shift its responsibility to the registered tax payers who were already facing a number of challenges.

He urged the Chairman FBR to withdraw SRO 821(I)2011 immediately as it would create difficulties for the business community that is already facing multiple internal

and external challenges.

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