Total fertiliser offtake rises by 4 percent

KARACHI: Total fertiliser offtake in 8MCY11 rose by a meagre 4 percent YoY to 5.12 million tonnes as compared to 4.95 million tonnes in the corresponding period of last year mainly because of low availability of urea to farmers owing to gas curtailment.

As per the data, during the 8MCY11, urea offtake witnessed a decline of 4 percent YoY to 3.72 million tonnes against the offtake of 3.87 million tonnes in the same period last year.

On the other hand, DAP offtake reported a handsome growth of 23 percent YoY to 0.52 million tonnes in 8MCY11 over offtake of 0.43 million tones in the same period last year. However, on monthly basis, total fertiliser offtake were seen slightly improved by a modest 1 percent YoY to 0.77 million tonnes during the month of August’11 in comparison of 0.76 million tonnes offtake in previous month. On MoM basis, urea posted an upsurge of 15 percent to 0.55 million tonnes whereas DAP recorded a decline of 42 percent to 0.07 million tonnes.

Urea offtake: Among the listed players, ENGRO posted a substantial augment in its urea offtake of 39 percent YoY to 0.84 million tonnes in 8MCY11 versus urea offtake of 0.60 million in the same period last year. DAWH posted highest decline of 30 percent YoY to 0.17 million tonnes versus 0.24 million tonnes in the corresponding period last year. DAP offtake: During 8MCY11, FFBL posted a substantial growth in DAP offtake mainly because of the low base effect (floods impact).

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