Timely intervention of Gen Kayani settled worries of masses, business community

Islamabad: The Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) on Thursday said military leadership again saved country from a serious crisis which would have taken toll on economy.

Masses as well as business community acknowledges services and sacrifices of the armed forces who are guardians of our ideological and geographical frontiers, it said.

Guardians of the nation have always surpassed our expectations and paid heavy price for it which sometimes goes unnoticed, said Tariq Mehmood, President ACCI while speaking to business community.

VP ACCI Khalid Saeed Khan, Waqas Khalid, Arsalan Rahman Mirza and others were also present at the occasion.

Tariq Mehmood said that following the Supreme Court verdict on the contempt case against PM Gilani, the ruling party declared that they will not clash with the judiciary but at the same time launched a vicious campaign against honourable court and respected judges.

The ruling coalition in bid to defend massive corruption of a person started pushing country into another serious crisis which was timely understood and averted by the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, he said.

Tariq Mehmood who is also Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Health, And Director Pak-UK Business Council said that the timely intervention of COAS minified the fears of masses and the business community.

He said that during his speech on Youm-e-Shuhada at GHQ, Kayani called upon all organs of the state to perform their duties while remaining within the limits of the Constitution.

COAS asked different institutions to resolve issues within the constitutional limits in a manner that increases respect and dignity.

Tariq said that by saying that law is equal for all, country’s stability hinges on the continuity of democratic system and that army has no intention to overthrow the government, he gave a loud and clear message understood by all, including conspirators.

The speech of COAS helped calm the situation otherwise country could have gone through a grave crisis taking toll on economy.

The business leader said that following the speech of COAS a convicted politician said in the National Assembly that he is familiar to the route to Multan.

He should immediately embark on the journey lest masses continue to suffer for years by the budget made by his incompetent team, demanded Tariq.

He said that Army remains great source of pride for masses and business community.

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