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Latest International Study Shows Global Rise In Cosmetic Surgery

USA, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico continue to perform the most procedures worldwide

New York, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) today released the results of their annual Global Aesthetic Survey for procedures completed in 2017, which showed an overall increase of 5% in surgical cosmetic procedures within the past twelve months.

Ranking of the World’s Top Eight Countries for Cosmetic Procedures
The top five countries – USA, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Italy – account for 38.4% of the world’s cosmetic procedures, followed by Germany, Colombia and Thailand.

Total Cosmetic Procedures Total Non-Surgical Procedures Total Procedures Worldwide
USA 1,562,504 2747676 4,310,180 18.4%
Brazil 1,466,245 961,290 2427,535 10.4%
Japan 294,396 1384214 1678610 7.2%
Mexico 520,956 515662 1,036,618 4.4%
Italy 301,895 650955 952,830 4.1%
Germany 290,932 413948 704,880 3.0%
Colombia 346,140 170,790 516,930 2.2%
Thailand 105,342 23,056 128,398 0.5%

The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Procedures
In 2017, Vaginal Rejuvenation (including Labiaplasty) showed the largest increase in number of procedures from 2016, with a 23% increase, followed by the Lower Body lift which increased by 22%, the Buttock Lift increasing by 17% and Rhinoplasty increasing by 11%.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures
Breast Augmentation continued to be the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure at 1,677,320 procedures, followed by Liposuction at 1,573,680 procedures  and Eyelid Surgery at 1,346,886 procedures. The plastic surgery procedure that experienced the biggest decrease in 2017 was Facial Bone Contouring which decreased 11% to 98,003 procedures.

The most popular non-surgical procedures continue to be injectables with Botulinum Toxin ranking at number one at 5,033,693 procedures (a 1% increase over the past 12 months).

The Gender Difference
Women continue to drive the demand for cosmetic procedures, accounting for 86.4%, or 20,207,190 cosmetic procedures worldwide. The five most popular procedures requested by women are Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implant), Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, Abdominoplasty and Breast Lift.

In 2017, men accounted for 14.4% of cosmetic patients (a slight increase from 2016) with 3,183,351 procedures performed worldwide. The top five cosmetic procedures requested by men are Eyelid Surgery, Gynecomastia, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction and Hair Transplant.

Dr. Renato Saltz, President of ISAPS comments, “It’s great to see the 2017 results released to see the continued growth in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in many different countries around the world. The USA still remains in lead position, followed closely by Brazil! It will be very interesting to compare this data with the 2018 results as we’re seeing record numbers of patients taking advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery to look and feel their best.

Survey Methodology
The data on aesthetic/cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2017 was tabulated with a questionnaire sent to approximately 35,000 plastic surgeons in ISAPS’ proprietary database. ISAPS is the only organization that collects this type of cosmetic data annually on a global scale. The results were compiled, tabulated and analyzed by Industry Insights, an independent research firm based in Columbus, Ohio. For a copy of full results, please visit www.ISAPS.org.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the premier global organization for board-certified plastic surgeons. Regarded as the leading global authority on aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, ISAPS has over 4000 members in 105 countries. Through its rigorous membership requirements, ISAPS plastic surgeons are considered to be among the most qualified in their respective countries, making it easy for patients who are considering cosmetic surgery to start their journey by meeting with an ISAPS plastic surgeon. A full list of ISAPS plastic surgeons can be found at www.ISAPS.org.


Julie Guest
Chief Marketing Officer

China (Qingdao) SCO + Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation Summit Held in Jiaozhou, China

Focused on establishment of local pilot zones to stimulate trade cooperation

JIAOZHOU, China, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — China (Qingdao) SCO + Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation Summit was held in Jiaozhou, a city adjacent to Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China, on the morning of October 28. More than 300 attendees, including influential trade and investment leaders, representatives from Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member countries and Middle Eastern countries targeted by the One Belt, One Road initiative, as well as executives from entrepreneurial firms in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, assembled in Jiaozhou to discuss issues concerning the establishment and operation of local pilot zones meant to stimulate trade cooperation among SCO members as well as between SCO members and other countries.

Shi Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of CPPCC – Subcommittee of Economy, elaborated on Qingdao’s unique advantages in terms of basic services, infrastructure and incentive in relation to integrated development. Yang Xiong, Deputy Director of UNIDO Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center, said that the establishment of China-SCO pilot zones with the intent to foster trade cooperation, in partnership with seven SCO member countries, can be expected to inject new energy into the history-rich city of Jiaozhou. Ye Tan, a financial commentator who writes for leading publications, gave a detailed presentation on the opportunities the pilot zones could bring to Jiaozhou in terms of improved traffic conditions and the urbanization rate, as well as to the surrounding Bohai Economic Rim, saying the pilot zones will become vital to the city’s ongoing development.

The organizer invited attendees to tour several local facilities including Qingdao Transfar Smart Road-Port, Jingdong E-commerce Industrial Park, South Korean maker Nongshim’s cutting-edge processing plant and Innova’s railway transportation hub, all of which left a deep impression on the attendees.

Looking forward, the pilot zones will, in tandem with related national policies, create a fair and friendly international business environment and, with the backing of its larger neighbor, the city of Qingdao, as well as the SCO, build an “one-stop-shop”, open platform targeting the Asia Pacific region, the Eurasian landmass, Africa and Latin America, in addition to facilitating the continued implementation of the One Belt, One Road initiative.

Grindr and MOSAIC Release New Survey Report, Capturing Experiences of GBTQ Community in Middle East and North Africa

Survey measuring experiences of Grindr users living in 21 territories show large majority reporting self-acceptance despite adversity

Los Angeles & Beirut, Oct. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grindr, the world’s largest queer mobile social network, in partnership with the MENA Organization for Services, Advocacy, Integration & Capacity (MOSAIC), today released the results of a new survey report “The Regional Livelihood of GBTQ Using Grindr,” which captures the experiences of gay, bi, trans and queer (GBTQ) Grindr users living in the Middle East and North Africa.

The survey results were presented at an official reception in Hamra on October 3, which included a panel discussion on insights around several key findings and topics from the report, such as:

  • Family Acceptance: 71% of all respondents reported that their parents and/or relatives do not know at all about their sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI). 13% of respondents said their parents and/or relatives know about their SOGI; however, only 6% said their family is supportive.
  • Self-Acceptance: The vast majority of respondents (72%) said they are happy with their sexual orientation.
  • Legal Rights: 64% of respondents said they either did not know or are unsure of what their legal rights are within their own local community. 86% of respondents reported that they either do not know what to do or are unsure of what to do in the event they are arrested.
  • Mental Health: 75% of respondents reported they struggle with anxiety, depression or both, while only 25% indicated they had no feelings of anxiety or depression.

“This report provides some of the only quantitative information on the experiences of gay, bi, trans, and queer people in the Middle East-North Africa region,” said Jack Harrison-Quintana, executive director of Grindr for Equality and VP of Social Impact at Grindr. “We encourage LGBTQ+ organizations to use this research to support their missions, including in grant proposals, in their awareness raising campaigns, and as a source of information to set the agenda for their programs, services, and advocacy.”

The survey results are broken into three chapters: a regional overview of the legal and social situation for GBTQ participants based by country or territory; the full findings of the survey as it relates to experiences of violence, discrimination in housing, employment and religion, legal rights, sexual and mental health, family acceptance, friendships and relationships; and, lastly, a deep dive look into housing discrimination, experiences of trans respondents and the contrast between the Moroccan and Lebanese results.

Additionally, the report provides a closer look at the current crisis in Syria, where refugees are facing multiple forms of discrimination as the result of being both GBTQ and a member of a refugee community.

“The results of this survey shed some much-needed light on the work that needs to be done by NGOs to improve the quality of life for the LGBTQ+ community, especially in Lebanon, and our region in general,” said Charbel Maydaa, Founder and Director at MOSAIC. “As a personal success story for MOSAIC, the survey gave us direct access to the community and we were able to convey the services that we offer to the participants. We are happy to say that almost 50% of MOSAIC’s current beneficiaries were connected through the Grindr survey and messages.”

“I was honored to be a part of the group of activists from around the region who came together to build this survey,” said Azza Sultan, associate director of Grindr for Equality. “By enlisting the support of representatives from around the region, we were able to create a questionnaire that is locally relevant, inclusive, and covers the information we need to further our work in the region.”

Nearly 1,800 users were recruited through broadcast messages on Grindr and participated in the survey, which was open for a period of one month during September 2016. Respondents identified themselves as being from 21 territories, including Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Algeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania, Libya and Western Sahara. Initial data cleaning and analysis of the survey, which was fielded in Arabic, English and French, was conducted by the Center for Transnational Development and Collaboration (CTDC).

To view the full report, with more information on findings, methodology and demographics of the survey, please visit https://www.mosaicmena.org/publications or https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/dba79f_a20db964582842c0bcd4c3cdc8d31bfb.pdf.


MOSAIC, the MENA Organization for Services, Advocacy, Integration & Capacity Building, is a holistic program committed to improve the health and wellness of the LGBTQI+ community in Lebanon and beyond. Through its national presence in Lebanon and its regional networks in the Middle East-North Africa region, MOSAIC’s strategic goal is to achieve the coexistence of people in friendly communities and national systems. Founded by activists and legal and health experts, MOSAIC provides comprehensive services for the marginalized groups, research and advocate for policy reform, build knowledge and capacities on SOGIE issues, and engage the societies in the fight against human rights violations.


Grindr for Equality (G4E) is an initiative within Grindr focused on the ever-evolving mission to promote justice, health, safety, and more for LGBTQ individuals around the globe. G4E works with health, digital rights and LGBTQ/human rights organizations as well as local community leaders and queer activists to find ways of using the Grindr app, technology and platform to mobilize, inform, protect and empower Grindr users.

G4E has played an important role in a number of LGBTQ related causes including helping to advance the cause for legalized same sex marriage in the US and Australia; making Grindr safer for users in places where it’s not safe to be out, such as the Middle East/North Africa region; and more recently led the initiative to make Grindr more trans inclusive. Jack Harrison-Quintana, Director of Grindr For Equality, has been named one of Fast Company’s 2016 Top 100 Most Creative People in Business and one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2016 Top Global Thinkers.


With 3.8 million daily active users in every country in the world, Grindr is the largest LGBTQ+ mobile social network. Since its launch in 2009, Grindr has grown to become a fundamental part of users’ daily lives globally. The company continues to expand their ecosystem to enable all users to connect to the world around them. Through INTO, a digital content channel for and by the LGBTQ+ community, various events, and experiential opportunities, Grindr is helping users engage across the spectrum.

Headquartered in West Hollywood, California, Grindr is a Certified Transgender-Inclusive Business and encompasses a diverse and passionate family of makers, innovators, leaders, and most importantly, doers. Grindr employees are fueled by an endless curiosity, an ability to embrace change, a respectful and collaborative work environment, and a knack for crossing every finish line. Grindr is proud to have been recognized by Fast Company as one of the ten “Most Innovative Social Media Companies in 2016” and by Forbes as a “model for corporate social responsibility.” Grindr is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Landen Zumwalt
(424) 260-5264

Committed to Support China’s Belt and Road Initiative, XCMG Wins Big in International Market

XUZHOU, China, Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG, China’s leading construction machinery manufacturer, is marking the fifth anniversary of China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative (BRI) with significant success in the global market, especially in the markets of the initiative’s participating countries. In recent weeks, XCMG has won about USD 13 million of orders in South American, ASEAN, and African markets, including:

  • An order of 70 XE 150BR excavators to Brazil, marking a new record for single export orders to the country. The equipment, jointly developed with XCMG’s factory in Brazil, will be used in local projects such as road maintenance and bridge construction.
  • Hundreds of excavators and dumpers deployed to Indonesia’s Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, a landmark BRI project, which is 150 kilometers long and represents an investment of US$5.135 billion.
  • Export of a XGT8075-40 crane, the company’s largest-tonnage flat-top tower crane, to Bolivia in South America, which will assist in the construction of a hydropower station. The new XGT8075-40 distinguishes itself with several original designs including the AMCS intelligent managing system.
Sri Lanka Delegation led by Minister of Public Administration & Management and Law & Order Hon. R. M. Ranjith Madduma Bandara Visits XCMG.

“I’m honored and glad that XCMG can provide world-class products and technical support to the countries participating in the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative, but we still have a long way to go to reach the ‘Everest’ of the construction machinery industry, so we must make ideas happen and do better,” remarked Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG.

In August, six of XCMG’s three-arm drill jumbos and one concrete sprayer were transported to a construction site in India to assist local infrastructure construction. In the past two years, XCMG has been committed to developing tunneling products that can overcome complex geological environments.

And last month, a delegation led by Minister of Public Administration & Management and Law & Order, Hon. R. M. Ranjith Madduma Bandara, visited XCMG’s headquarters and spoke highly of the company’s development into a top-six construction machinery manufacturer, as well as for its reliable and innovative products.

About XCMG

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of 74 years. It currently ranks sixth in the world’s construction machinery industry. The company exports to more than 177 countries and regions around the world.

For more information, please visit: www.xcmg.com, or XCMG pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/771291/XCMG_visited_by_Sri_Lanka_delegation.jpg

The International E-Business Expo 2018, a nationally celebrated e-commerce expo, will be held in Hangzhou, China in October

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — At the International E-Business Expo 2018 Hangzhou, China, numerous e-commerce giant such as Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart, and Netease will participate in the event. Cloud economics expert Joe Weinman and other E-commerce industry experts will attend the expo and give speeches.

A nationally celebrated e-commerce expo will be held in Hangzhou, China in October

Hangzhou, a beautiful city in China, hosted the G20 Summit in 2016. From October 20th to 22nd in 2018, the 5th China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo will be held in the same exhibition hall, Hangzhou International Expo Center. The expo is divided into a series of exciting events such as the theme conference, the industry forum, the six exhibition halls, and the e-commerce celebration day. It is expected to receive more than 100,000 people to participate in the exhibition.

The expo is committed to creating an international e-commerce center and a central city for international consumption. Focusing on topics such as the digital economy and new retail, the expo will carry out the deep integration of the digital economy with imports and consumption. The theme of the expo is new retail, new business  new consumption. Through demonstration, experience-sharing and other means, the expo will host discussions of the transformation of traditional business and the upgrading of market consumption, promote the development of the e-commerce and retail industry, and build an effective e-commerce public service platform to connect resources at home and abroad.

‘EBE China’ is a brand new image of this expo. In the future, this expo can play a more important role on the global stage. The Expo will be divided into three sections: forum, exhibition and conference. It is expected to have an exhibition area of 30,000m2 and 1,000 booths. It will invite 100 domestic and international industry experts, 200 well-known e-commerce and retail enterprises, and 500 retail companies. The Expo will be a new milestone that has never been seen before. To see the future opportunities of e-commerce in Hangzhou, China in October.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/770501/EBE_China.jpg

‫SolarWinds تعرض مجموعة الرصد والإدارة الموحدة في أسبوع جيتكس للتقنية 2018

تساعد منصة SolarWinds Orion Platform في توفير رؤية كاملة للأداء العام في البيئات المعقدة للاختصاصيين في مجال التكنولوجيا

دبي، الإمارات, Oct. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — أعلنت اليوم شركة SolarWinds، باعتبارها جهة رائدة في توفير برامج إدارة تكنولوجيا المعلومات المتميزة بالقوة والأسعار المعقولة، مشاركتها في فعاليات أسبوع جيتكس للتقنية، وذلك في الفترة من 14 إلى 18 أكتوبر 2018 في دبي بالإمارات العربية المتحدة. حيث ستعرض الشركة التي تشغل المرتبة رقم 1 في مجال برمجيات إدارة الشبكات* آخر التحديثات المطروحة لمنصة SolarWinds® Orion® Platform ومجموعة أدواتها المتكاملة المخصصة لإدارة تكنولوجيا المعلومات الهجينة، والتي تساعد الاختصاصيين في مجال التكنولوجيا اليوم على مراقبة أداء تكنولوجيا المعلومات الهجينة وكذلك استكشاف أخطائها وإصلاحها وتحسينها.

وفقًا لتقرير اتجاهات تكنولوجيا المعلومات لعام 2018 الخاص بشركة SolarWinds: التداخل بين الدعاية والأداء، يعطي الاختصاصيون في مجال التكنولوجيا الأولوية للاستثمارات في تكنولوجيا المعلومات الهجينة والحوسبة السحابية أكثر من أي تقنية أخرى، حيث أوضح 94 بالمائة من المشاركين في الاستطلاع أن تكنولوجيا المعلومات الهجينة والحوسبة السحابية تمثل واحدة من أهم خمس تكنولوجيات في إستراتيجية تكنولوجيا المعلومات داخل مؤسساتهم حاليًا.

وقد صدر التصريح التالي عن لودوفيك نيفو، نائب رئيس مجموعة SolarWinds لقطاع المبيعات في منطقة أوروبا، والشرق الأوسط، وأفريقيا (EMEA) “يعمل المختصون في مجال التكنولوجيا اليوم على إدارة بيئات معقدة وموزعة بشكل متزايد وهذا بدوره يتطلب حلاً يوفر رؤية شاملة للأداء العام”. “نحن نؤمن بأن الاستثمار في منصة مركزية وقياسية ومتكاملة لمراقبة وإدارة تكنولوجيا المعلومات يُعد أمرًا حيويًا بين البنى التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات متعددة الأوجه اليوم. وقد صُممت منصة SolarWinds Orion Platform لمواجهة هذه التحديات، وتهدف إلى مساعدة الاختصاصيين في مجال التكنولوجيا على رؤية الصورة الأكبر من خلال سرعة تحديد مشكلات الأداء والترابطات بين جميع طبقات المجال التكنولوجي، بدءًا من التطبيق وحتى محور الأداء.”

زيارة SolarWinds في جناح A8-20

ساشا غيسي، كبير الخبراء التقنيين لدى SolarWinds، إلى جانب خبراء تقنيين آخرين سيقومون بعرض آخر التحديثات والتحسينات التي أجريت على منصة مراقبة وإدارة تكنولوجيا المعلومات الموحدة SolarWinds Orion بما في ذلك:

  • Network Performance Monitor (NPM): يوفر الإصدار الأخير من NPM (12.3) إمكانات لمراقبة الشبكة ورؤية تفصيلية لبيئات الموردين المتعددين بما في ذلك الكشف عن الشبكة في Cisco Nexus ®وكذلك رؤية تفصيلية لقنوات المنفذ الافتراضية (vPCs).
  • Log Manager for Orion (LM): صُممت أداة Log Manager for Orion لتوفير رؤية واضحة لأداء وتوافر البنية التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات من خلال جمع السجلات والتحليل والتصوير البصري بصورة فورية، حيث تتكامل على نحوٍ كامل مع منصة Orion.
  • Server & Application Monitor (SAM): باعتباره أحد اختيارات عملاء Gartner Peer Insights 2018 لأجنحة مراقبة أداء التطبيق، يساعد برنامج SAM في توفير رؤية شاملة بالإضافة إلى مراقبة أداء الخادم والتطبيقات باستخدام تقنيات تعتمد على الوكيل وأخرى لا تعتمد عليه عبر عدة مراكز بيانات ومواقع بعيدة وخدمة حوسبة سحابية.
  • Server Configuration Manager (SCM): كعنصر جديد ضمن مجموعة منتجات SolarWinds، يوفر برنامج SCM رؤية لتغييرات التكوين على الخوادم والتطبيقات التي تعمل بنظام Windows®، بينما تربط أيضًا مشكلات الأداء بالتغييرات المصرح بها أو غير المصرح بها للملفات والثنائيات وملفات التكوين وسجل Windows وتكوينات الأجهزة.
  • Database Performance Analyzer (DPA): لقد تم تصميم أحدث التحسينات للإصدار 12.0 بغية مساعدة الاختصاصيين في مجال البيانات في تحديد السبب الجذري لطلبات البحث البطيئة فضلاً عن تحسين فهرسة المحتوى بسهولة للمساعدة في ضمان توافر التطبيقات الحيوية للأعمال وسرعتها.

نبذة عن منصة SolarWinds Orion Platform
تُعد منصة Orion Platform بمثابة بنية مراقبة معيارية وقابلة للتطوير وموحدة. حيث تسمح لأقسام تكنولوجيا المعلومات بإضافة وحدات في ظل نمو احتياجاتها، مما يوفر رؤية واضحة لجميع عناصر الخدمات المهمة، مع دمج المقاييس والبيانات في هيكل واحد. وفي ظل بيع الوحدات النمطية كمنتجات فردية، فإنها تعمل على منصة موحدة، من خلال لوحة معلومات واحدة تعتمد على الويب، وإدارة مركزية، وإمكانية التحكم في الوصول، وآلية تنبيه وإبلاغ موحدة، ومقاييس وبيانات موحدة، مما يمكّن لوحات المعلومات الغنية بالمضمون من إضفاء الطابع المركزي على البيانات الواردة من عدة أجزاء في الحزمة التكنولوجية على هيئة عرض مركزي في التطبيق.

لمزيد من المعلومات حول منتجات إدارة تكنولوجيا المعلومات من SolarWinds، بما في ذلك تقييمات مجانية لمدة 30 يومًا قابلة للتنزيل، تفضّل بزيارة موقع SolarWinds على الويب أو اتصل على الرقم +353 21 500 2900. +353

موارد إضافية

التواصل مع SolarWinds

*المصدر: IDC® defined Network Management Software functional market by revenue, IDC Semiannual Software Tracker, 2H 2017

نبذة عن Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
يُشكل Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice الآراء الذاتية لمراجعات المستخدمين النهائيين وتقييماتهم وبياناتهم المطبقة بناءً على منهجية موثقة؛ فهي لا تمثل وجهات نظر، ولا تُشكل مصادقة من قبل Gartner أو الشركات التابعة لها.

نبذة عن SolarWinds
تُعد SolarWinds جهة رائدة في توفير برمجيات إدارة البنية التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات بشكل قوي وبأسعار معقولة. تمنح منتجاتنا المؤسسات في جميع أنحاء العالم، بغض النظر عن نوعها أو حجمها أو تعقيد البنية التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات لديها، القدرة على مراقبة وإدارة أداء بيئات تكنولوجيا المعلومات الخاصة بها، سواء داخل الشركة أو في السحابة أو في النماذج الهجينة. نحن نتفاعل باستمرار مع جميع أطياف الاختصاصيين في مجال التكنولوجيا والاختصاصيين في عمليات تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاختصاصيين في نظام DevOps ومقدمي الخدمات المُدارة (MSPs) —لفهم التحديات التي يواجهونها للحفاظ الأداء العالي للبنية التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات فضلاً عن توافرها بشكل كبير. حيث تسمح لنا الأفكار التي نكتسبها من جراء التفاعل معهم في مواقع مثل مجتمع THWACK على الإنترنت، بتصنيع منتجات من شأنها أن تسهم في حل تحديات إدارة تقنية المعلومات على نحوٍ جيد، وذلك بطرق يريد من خلالها الاختصاصيون في مجال التكنولوجيا حلها. وقد أدى هذا التركيز على المستخدم والالتزام بالتميز في إدارة أداء تكنولوجيا المعلومات الهجينة الشاملة إلى إنشاء SolarWinds كشركة رائدة عالميًا في مجال برمجيات إدارة الشبكات وحلول MSP. تعرف على المزيد اليوم عبر الرابط www.solarwinds.com.

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