Symposium on Tuberculosis-Epidemiology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics November 03, 2011

Lahore: The University of the Punjab is organizing an international symposium “Tuberculosis – Epidemiology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics” on Thursday, November 03, 2011. The Symposium shall be held in the auditorium of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Prof. Mujahid Kamran, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Punjab shall preside over the Inaugural Session of the Symposium.

Tuberculosis has caused great suffering to humans and in spite of the research efforts it continues to elude all efforts of taming its affliction on humans. Over one million deaths occurred in the world due to TB in the year 2010. In Pakistan alone, there were over 50,000 cases of mortality during the last year.

Most deaths occur mainly because the infection goes undiagnosed, or is diagnosed too late to be cured. The drug-resistant M. tb. forms have largely emerged because of misuse of the antibiotics. MDR-TB is difficult and expensive to treat, failing to respond to standard first line drugs. Diagnosis and appropriate treatment of MDR-TB remain a major challenge.

A rapid, sensitive and specific diagnostic test, which is sufficiently cheap to bring it in the reach of common man, is essential for early and accurate diagnosis of the disease and to ensure its timely treatment. Also drugs for the treatment of resistant forms must be developed as soon as possible.

The Symposium is being organized by Prof. M. Waheed Akhtar, Director, School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, his colleagues and researchers. It aims to review and discuss the current status regarding epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosis with specific reference to Pakistan.

In particular the new trends in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis shall be the focus of the various speakers. Leading scientists and medical practitioners involved in research and management of tuberculosis from USA and Pakistan shall present papers in areas of their specialization.

All the participants including medical practitioners, faculty members, researchers, and technical personnel should benefit greatly from the deliberations of this Symposium. The last session of the Symposium shall be devoted to open discussion and formulation of recommendations for implementation in our country.

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